Sports Reports & Results

The Year 1 and 2 boys have been practising their football skills during the first half of the autumn term and tag rugby skills during the second half. In the spring term, Reception boys will be using ropes, bats and balls and playing throwing and catching and aiming games.

 Year 1 will be introduced to Unihoc, and Year 2 and 3 boys will play Quick Sticks Hockey. All the boys will continue to develop their agility, balance and coordination through weekly gymnastic lessons.
The Year 2 inter-house football competition will be taking place at Kings College School on Thursday 12th December. A Year 1 inter-house competition is being introduced and will take place on the same day.

Autumn Term Sports Results

There were 15 football fixtures played by the boys this term and over 75 individual matches played. Squirrels continue to go from strength to strength on the sports field and this is reflected in our Year 2 boys who are highly motivated and skilful, producing excellent results. I look forward to seeing the Re-ception and Year 1 boys develop and produce equally fantastic performances. At the same time I ex-pect the boys to learn about friendship and respect when playing competitively.

Mr A. Morrison

Fixture Reports - Reception

Thursday 3rd October, RMH vs Donhead
RMH travelled to Donhead to represent Squirrels in their first ever foot-ball match. Many of the games were close with only one or two goals separating the sides. Ahmed grew in confidence during the match and in his game he managed to score a half-volley into the goal from 8 yards out, which was very impressive.
Results – 0-1 LOST, 0-0 DRAW, 2-0 WIN, 0-3 LOST

Thursday 17th October, RHC v’s Donhead
The dribbling skills on which we have focused in sports sessions really showed from some boys. In particular Arun who, on a number of occasions picked up the ball and moved it forwards helping his team push up the field and get closer to the opposition goal. Overall it was a very successful morning for the RHC class as they scored seven goals and conceded only two.
Results - 0-1 LOST, 0-0 DRAW, 3-1 WIN, 4-0 WIN

Thursday 14th November, RJG v’s The Rowans
RJG had the opportunity to play against The Rowans School. Aarav played particularly well in his game; his level of concentration was outstanding as he fo-cussed on and won the ball. Aarav scored two goals because of his hard work and determination to get the ball back.
Results - 2-0 WIN, 3-0 WIN, Result 2-0 WIN.

Fixture Reports - Year 1

Monday 23rd September, 1Y vs Donhead
Squirrels played their first fixture vs Donhead on their new astro turf pitch. The first match was very close and Kiyan played particularly well dribbling with the ball from this own half on numerous occasions. Kit said “I really liked it when Squirrels scored a goal and I thought that Leo played really well.”
Results – 0-0 DRAW, 0-3 LOST, 3-0 WIN, 1-1 DRAW

Tuesday 24th September, 1C vs Donhead
Nicholas and George deserve a special mention as they were both outstanding in this match. Their hard work paid off as George struck a brilliant goal into the bottom ride hand side of the net.
Results – 4-0 WIN, 0-1 LOST, 3-0 WIN, 0-3 LOST

Thursday 10th October, 1H v’s The Rowans
The Rowans came to Squirrels for the first time this year. All the boys played really well and demonstrat-ed some excellent skills. Daniel played inspirational-ly making some outstanding saves in goal and then coming out to play on the pitch and scoring a bril-liant goal. Felix said “I had a really good shot that hit the post which was unlucky. Also I liked the snacks after the game that we got to eat.”
Results – 0-1 LOST, 4-0 WIN, 3-0 WIN, 3-0 WIN

Fixture Reports - Year 2 & 3

Saturday 28th September, Year 2 Cranmore Tournament
Every player worked his socks off in order to try and win the tournament. The boys played exceptionally well and despite having 2 key players injured against Chinthurst School and one member of the team being stung by a bee they managed to hobble into the Final of the Plate competition. We pushed and pushed for a goal, hitting the woodwork on numerous occasions but the opposition caught us on the counter attack and scored a good goal.
Result –LOST 1-0 in the Final of the Plate

Monday 7th October, Year 2 /3 v’s Year 3 King’s College School
The Squirrels boys went over to King’s Col-lege School to play against boys who were a year older. After the games were finished Mr Culverhouse (Head KCJS Football) came to congratulate some of the boys on being the best Squirrels team he has seen since he joined KCS 8 years ago.
Results: LOST 3-1; LOST 5-1; LOST 4-0; LOST 7-1; LOST 9-0; LOST 6-1

Tuesday 26th November, 2FD v’s The Rowans
2FD were again in fine form against The Rowans when they came to play against us. The first match kicked off and it was end to end play with numerous opportunities at goal which we narrowly won 1-0. Our three goal keepers were the he-roes of the day keeping The Rowans at bay and giving Squirrels a strong platform from which to attack. Julian, Marcus and Kaan were inspirational in goal, making countless saves and dis-tributing the ball accurately to their team mates.
Results - 1-0 WIN, 1-0 WIN, 1-1 DRAW.

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