Wetland Centre Trip

To complement the Year 2 Science topic ‘Living in Habitats’, the boys visited the London Wetland Centre in Barnes in September.

Heath Bowcott 2ED

On Thursday 17th September Year 2 went to the Wetland Centre because our topic in Science was Habitats.

When we arrived we got into our groups and put our bags away.

Our first activity was bird watching.  I spotted a tufted duck, a coot and a gadwall.  The gadwall was flapping its wings when I found it.  The coot had a white beak and black feathers.  I learnt how to use binoculars.

At lunchtime I had smoked salmon sandwiches and a banana and a bottle of Ribena.

My second activity was pond dipping.  I caught a three spine stickleback. I leant about my three spine stickleback.  I learnt that it moves quickly.

On the coach I saw a coach outside, a bike and a giant worm.

My favourite part of the day was playtime because I played explorers with Alastair.  Have you been to the Wetland Centre?

Udai Thenua 2LC

On Thursday 17th September we went to the amazing Wetland Centre.  We went there by a massive coach.  In the coach I sat next to my friend Tristan, we talked the whole time.  We talked about what buses we might see on our way (instead of the animals we might see!)  Once we got to the Wetland Centre we met two lovely people called Christie and Ruth, they told us some promises we had to make.  After that we had our scrumptious snack.  I ate a banana, not too scrumptious.  Then we had our playtime in the Adventure Playground.  There were hundreds of tunnels and there were so many exciting things to do.

About twenty minutes later we had lunch.  I had a cheese toasty and apples, very delicious.  After lunch we went to the Wetland Hide.  In the hide you had to be quiet so you don’t scare the birds away.  There is glass to see through.  To see the birds more clearly we were given binoculars and there were telescopes to look through.

Later all our groups went onto the coach.  On the way back to school I sat next to the same person and we talked about the same things.  My favourite part of the day was the playground because there were so many tunnels.

William Baker 2AR

Yesterday Year 2 went on a large coach to the Wetland Centre in Barnes.  We went there because our Science topic this half term is Habitats.

When we arrived we met the Wetland Centre staff.  Then we went to the adventure playground to have our snack.  After that our group went bird watching.  We saw lots of large coots.

Next we had lunch.  I loved the look of everyone’s lunch but I had to eat mine.  Then we were very lucky because we got to see the cute furry otters.  After that we went to the gift shop.  The toys there were cheap and I only had £3.

Our afternoon learning session was pond dipping.  I caught a huge fish with a holey net.  We did it for one hour.  Then we went to see the cute furry otters again.  

Then we had to go back to school.  We went back on the large coach.  On the coach me and my friend Edward were trying to get to sleep.  My favourite part of the trip was the otters and ponding dipping because the otters were cute and because I caught a fish.

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