Vanessa Woolf Story Teller

On Friday 2nd December we had the pleasure of hosting Vanessa Woolf a professional London based story teller.

She was here to work with Reception and Year 1 boys. She started her day with Reception where she thoroughly engaged them with stories of Christmas Elves and magical happenings. Miss Dennis was so impressed at how Vanessa was able to capture all the boys’ imagination and how they sat enthralled through the whole experience. Vanessa retold stories in an engaging and animated way with the boys joining in with actions and rhyme whenever possible.

Year 1 was then able to have their experience in the afternoon. Vanessa began by telling the boys an interesting ancient tale of a Sultan who wanted to find his replacement. Again the boys had actions to follow and suggestions for how the story would go. All the classes were thoroughly enthralled and were able to follow quite a complex story. Vanessa then helped the boys to devise their own story. 1D’s was set in London at Big Ben where a snake had devised a devious plan to steal the precious silver sword. Luckily a baby and a 10 year old boy were there to save the day! Much fun was had by all the boys who participated.

Thank you very much to the Friends of Squirrels for funding this fun project, we certainly hope to book Vanessa again next year.

If you would like more information on Vanessa Woolf please do click on the link below.

Mrs Dodd




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