1J Assembly - Road Safety

1J had the unfortunate task of following two fantastic assemblies from 1D and 1C so the pressure was on! As our assembly landed during ‘Road Safety Week’, we thought it would be a good opportunity to provide useful and informative tips to the school and parents about this important subject.

The boys in 1J were school crossing patrol officers, otherwise known as ‘lollipop people’, dressed in their high-visibility jackets to highlight the importance of being seen on the street in the dark. They told us why traffic is so dangerous and included an experiment to see if wheels or feet moved faster.  They also showed us what a school crossing patrol officer does to help us cross the road and demonstrated how to cross the road safely. The main message was to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN for any traffic, before leaving the pavement. They also sang this message in a very catchy song.

I was incredibly impressed at the amount of lines the boys managed to learn off by heart and how they delivered them so confidently and clearly. Their singing was excellent and the actions were perfectly in time making it look so effective. I would like to say a huge well done to every single boy in the class and a massive thank you to the parents for their support with learning lines and providing costumes.

Miss Cave

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