Music News

The boys have brought a great deal of enthusiasm to their music lesons this term, singing and playing instruments.

They have learnt songs for Mother’s Day and Easter assemblies as part of their programme. As a whole school, the boys make a great singing sound, and this is particularly evident in their weekly music assembly.

Additionally this term we held a week of Class Concerts, for which boys were invited to bring their instrumental skills into school and perform to their classmates. I am particularly grateful to those who teach our boys outside school for their support. Many fine performances were given. Next term we plan to stage a concert for parents. We will be holding class concerts each term.

Music Club meets on Thursday mornings, for Years 2 and 3 in the first half of term, and for Year 1 in the second half. In these we have been engaged in a number of projects involving voices and instruments.

The Choirs meet weekly to sing songs that are chosen to stretch and encourage them to achieve a higher standard of singing.

I am particularly pleased with those who have shown real commitment to choir by attending every week.

Frederick Appleby

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