Florence Nightingale Workshop

On the 22nd of February the Year 2 boys enjoyed a Florence Nightingale Workshop.

Yesterday was a rainy day, but Year Two were in luck! They all went, (including me) to a fun workshop in a small wooden house called Orchard Hall. I wore clothes that looked like Victorian clothes and so did most of my friends.

In the morning I had an interview for a cleaner’s job and my interviewer Florence Nightingale gave me a pass ion my first try! It seemed to me as if my next activity took only one minute. It was making a candle holder. The teacher helped me make the handle but she did not help me with anything else. After that I ran right up to a lady letting people make medals. I asked the lady if I could join in and she kindly said ‘yes.’ Soon I was making a shiny medal with a ‘V’ for victory and Victorians. Next I made a colourful diary. It was the hardest job I had to do but in the end I did it!

After playtime when I came back to the workshop I saw seven names. They were all people who had lost their suitcases. After looking in the suitcases I had a delicious chicken sandwich and then had desert.

In the afternoon my first fun activities were gardening and giving food to patients. After that I was a patient and a nurse. When I was gardening I had real garden tools. As I said I was a person giving food next. It was quite fun stirring the stew. After that I was a patient, which was very fun having a rest. Last of all I was a nurse and I wore a cool sash.

At the end of the day all of Year Two I and were really happy and my favourite activity was being a patient.

Christian Kerr 2LC


On Monday 22nd February all of Year 2 went to Orchard Hall to attend a Florence Nightingale Workshop.

The first activity I did was making a soldier.  I had to colour in the soldier and then I cut it out very carefully.  Later on that morning I applied for a job.  I applied to be a cook.  I had to write about my skills in cooking.

After that we sorted out suitcases.  The first suitcase I looked in was the baker’s suitcase.

In the afternoon we did some role playing.  When I was a patient, I was given a carrot to eat.

I enjoyed role playing the most

Oscar Dale-Essex 2AR


On Monday 22nd February 2016 the whole of Year Two walked downstairs. It was the day of the Florence Nightingale workshop. Then we got in Orchard Hall. It was a cold, sunny and bright morning.

I made a lamp out of clay. First I had to get a big bit of grey clay then I squashed it with the palms of my hands. After that I got a small piece of clay and rolled that into a ball. Very quickly I had to put some water on it then I squashed it onto the base. Eventually I got to put my handle on and finally I put my candle inside.

Very soon we all looked in suitcases. I saw a bronze owl, a handkerchief, some soap, a button hook and a money box. At the next suitcase I saw a writing box, with ink pens, wax and a stamper, and quite a few medicine pots and a thimble.

After lunch I was a nurse and looked after lots of soldiers and gave them food and drinks. The sticks were for broken arms and legs. I looked after two patients. I even gave them blankets.

After all that I was exhausted. I knew all about Florence Nightingale.

Oliver Rees 2ED

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