Spring Sport

As ever, we have had a busy term of sport with excellent participation by all the boys.

Tag Rugby

Year 2 vs Donhead Monday 6th February

Mr Morrison was exceptionally pleased with his team’s performance. Alexander M, Ali J, Alexander S (captain), Adam D, Toby M and Zander S played fantastically well and released the ball quickly and spread play which produced some wonderful attacking options and lots of tries scored by Squirrels. Final score, Squirrels won 35 -15.

On Mr Wright’s pitch there was some excellent rugby being played, the boys were able to evade the oncoming defenders by using their speed and a quick change of direction. Minseung and Hoa-Tinh both scored some sensational tries as they ran the length of the field without being tagged! It was a very close match in which the game ended Squirrels winning 65-60.

Mr Rayar was exceptionally pleased with the opportunity to manage a team captained by Joe S and containing such players as Arran C, Kaysan, Peter S and Harry W. The Squirrels boys performed to their full potential showing how well they have been doing in their PE lessons; with great tagging from Peter S and Joe S. All of the boys performed brilliantly displaying great passing whilst trying their hardest to get as many tries possible. A fantastic spectacle and the final score 35-30 to Wimbledon Common Prep. Well done boys! Captain Joe said “Aaran was really good at passing the rugby ball and Harry was an excellent tagger. The rugby game was really fun”.

Mr Foster watched a brilliant encounter between WCPS and Donhead which ended 20-20.  Mr Foster’s highlight was when Gabriel scored the game equalising try. When describing the game Max said “It was tough and very muddy!”

Mr Whitely was really impressed at how well the boys worked as a team, they communicated well and kept encouraging each other throughout. The Squirrel boys started off strongly, scoring a try within seconds of the match starting. It was an outstanding match and both teams performed really well. Well done to Sanjit, Jago, Olive, Jacob Ruairidh and the captain Luke!  Sanjit described the game as “EPIC!”

Tristan who was voted the most valuable player said “The team played really well and we passed the ball down the line before we got tagged. James was excellent at passing the rugby ball to his teammates and Cameron made it really hard for Donhead with his quick tagging”. When asked to describe the game in two words Tristan said: “Fun and challenging”.

1C and ½ 1D vs Donhead – Wednesday 22nd February

Wednesday 22nd February saw the boys from 1C and half the boys from 1D take a short trip down       Edge Hill to face Donhead in their first tag rugby fixture.

All four games played in the fixture were played at a fast pace with some high quality passes and rapid tagging. Despite the amount of tagging, there were still plenty of tries.

Jaiveer, Luca and Tobi all were on excellent attacking form dodging past the Donhead defenders and if the opposition were lucky enough to tag them, they quickly decided who they would pass the ball onto. Well done to Charlie and Vihaan for their excellent tagging.

1J and ½ 1D vs Donhead – Wednesday 8th March

Wednesday 8th March 1J and the remaining half of 1D played in a tag rugby match against Donhead.

With the first match due to start shortly after 9am, we saw the British weather at its finest when the heavens opened, however the boys from both sides did not let this dampen their spirits as they came out ready and raring to go.

The first match saw Hari captain his team to a victory with Thomas using his speed and agility to score a hat-trick of tries

There was some fantastic passing and catching on display in the latter games where Jake scored his second try by evading two oncoming defenders before dummying the last defender by dropping his right shoulder then using a burst of acceleration to sprint off to left.

Not only did Squirrels excel when attacking; but the boys also made sure it was very difficult to get past them with some quick fire tagging on display by Archie, Brian John Rafe and Sebastian.


2L and 2C versus Milbourne Lodge – Friday 10th March

There was lots of excitement within the Squirrel camp for their first fixture against Milbourne Lodge.  Alexander W, Thomas B, Joel H, Milo L, Alexander M and Samuel E played fantastic football throughout their game. There was first class goalkeeping from Joel H and great dribbling from Milo L, you could tell the boys were really up for this game. Milo quoted “I really enjoyed trying to dribble past the players, I was going so fast!” Final result 1-1.  

Luke A, Shayan A, Nicholas C, Devan W, Alexander S and Keeran J looked like a free flowing passing Barcelona FC team. Keeran J even managed to nutmeg a few players and score with his weaker foot. All boys played fantastically well and showed great teamwork. The Squirrels boys ended up winning their game 4-1 Devan W said “we all were passing the ball so well , I even  managed to score with both my left and right foot”. Congratulations boys on a fantastic result!

In the other matches:

  • Aiden, George, Isaac, Noah and Arda lost 3-2.
  • Dougie, Tristan, Samuel, Max, Samvrit, Ethan won their match 3-2
  • Hoa-Tinh, Philip, Fraser, Sanjit, Gabriel, Joe. Lost 1-0
  • Kaysan, Cameron, Scott, Zander, Ben, Charlie. Won 1-0

Well done to all boys who played and performed to such a high level.

Oak and Ash Football Fixture versus The Rowans – Thursday 9th March

A first outing for the Squirrels Oak and Ash classes saw them take on local rivals, The Rowans. This fixture never disappoints and lived up to its billing as the one of the biggest derby day matches in Wimbledon. Below is a selection of match reports from the morning’s games:

An outstanding football match against The Rowans, with such close chances for both sides of the teams the mighty George A, Joshua B, Ishaan R, Samuel Le B, and Kieran B showed how well they have been developing in football. With great defending from Ishaan R and some of the best passing I’ve ever seen from Joshua B the Squirrels team were unfortunate to lose by just one goal. Well done boys for doing everyone proud and playing with a smile on your face during and after the game!

With such an excited team before the game had even started, I knew this was going to be a wonderful game to witness. Sachin S, Rafael Y, Adam P, Luca C, Isiah V D M and Sebastian P showed such enthusiasm and confidence when trying to score. With great goalkeeping from Rafael Y, the boys played amazing football and scored lots of goals which they ended up winning 5-3. Congratulations Squirrels boys!

In the final game on pitch one, the score finished 3-1 to the Rowans. A highlight of the match was Alexander D’s amazing save in goals. All the boys thoroughly enjoyed the game and showed the Squirrels spirit, playing to win and losing with a grin. With amazing support on the side-lines from the parents this really encouraged the boys to play with such enthusiasm.

In the other three games Squirrels won 6-1, 4-1 and lost 2-1.

Congratulations to all the boys in Oak and Ash classes.

The Poetry of Sport

I went to Donhead

I played rugby at Donhead,
I had something in my head,
Run as fast as you can, and always run ahead,
But don't bump your head,
Or you will end up in bed,
Mr Morrison said.

I scored a try,
I felt I could fly,
I certainly wasn't shy,
Oh my,
It’s not a lie!

We had fun,
Even with no sun,
I don't know who won,

By Laurie G.

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