This term the Reception boys excelled in their school assemblies.

RJG performed for their parents in their class assembly on Thursday 2nd May

The theme for our assembly was working together and was based around the story of “Farmer Duck”.

The Book tells the story of a lazy farmer who makes his duck do all the work. Needless to say in the end the tables are well and truly turned with the help of the other farm animals. A big “well done” to RJG for their wonderful performance.
Mrs Gannon

RHG performed their class assembly on Bees on Thursday 23rd May

The boys in RHG all performed perfectly in their class assembly about the British bumble and honey bee. They sang songs and danced a ‘waggle’ dance to show how bees communicate through movement. All boys enjoyed sharing facts about their favourite endangered mini beast.

The boys have loved learning about the range of small creatures in our local environment; especially finding mini beasts in the playground and designing and creating homes for each little creature to live in.

Well done RHG!

Miss Gardner

RLW performed their class assembly on minibeasts on Thursday 16th May

The boys in RLW all performed spectacularly in their class assembly about minibeasts. Reciting poems, singing songs and sharing facts about their favourite minibeast. The boys have really enjoyed this topic, finding minibeasts in the orchard and observing the changes they go through. It was great to see how confident they have become over the year and how excit-ed they were about their learning.

Miss Webb

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