Football Festival

On Saturday 9th May fourteen boys from Year 2 were selected to represent WCPS, which consisted of two teams, at the Shrewsbury House Football Festival. All in all it was a fantastic day with WCPS A winning four out of four games and WCPS B winning three out of their four games and drawing one meaning both teams went undefeated.

shrewWCPS A started the fixture against local school Rowans A in what was a very close game, with both teams coming close to taking the lead. Felix Le Vesconte scored first to make it 1-0 Squirrels. However in the second half Rowans scored an equaliser, before Felix grabbed his second goal giving WCPS the win.

Other teams WCPS A played against were Shrewsbury House All Stars, Rowans B and Park Hill, beating all three of these teams whilst scoring twenty one goals in the process and conceding just the one.

The first match for WCPS B was against Shrewsbury Lodge C. Although it was these boys first game of the festival it didn’t take long for them to start their fast paced rhythm to which they continued for the rest of the day, winning this game 3-0 .Tobin and Luke were solid in defence when needed making sure they didn’t concede any goals in the match.

Other teams WCPS B played against were Merlin B, Shrewsbury Lodge B and Shrewsbury Lodge C again. WCPS B won two of these three matches and drew one against Shrewsbury Lodge C who they had defeated earlier. All in all WCPS B finished the tournament scoring 18 goals and conceding just the one too, meaning that on the whole Squirrels completed the Shrewsbury house football festival undefeated.

WCPS A player of the tournament was won by Felix Le Vesconte who scored an amazing eleven goals in just four games, with his most memorable goal being scored from the half way line.

WCPS B player of the tournament was won by Felix Gerlach who scored five fantastic goals from midfield as well as 5 assist. Felix’s highlight of the tournament was when he and Zack were playing in midfield together and he passed the ball to Zack, ran into space where he received the ball off Zack, dribbled past a defender and passed it back across to Zack who scored.

WCPS B top goal scorer of the day was Julian Duminy, scoring an outstanding nine goals in just four games including a solo run from his own half and slotting the ball coolly into the bottom corner of the goal as well as striking an extraordinary free kick from the half way line in the game against Merlin B where he scored a hat-trick.

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