Visit by our local police officers

There was definite excitement in the air when the boys heard that the police were coming to WCPS ! But there was no need for concern, as the excitement was due to the expectation of our annual visit from our local police officers to lead our assembly based around “Stranger Danger.”

PCSO Shelly and PCSO Karen talked to the boys about their job and reinforced important messages about what the boys should do if they became lost when out and about and what to do if they were approached by a stranger. Our boys demonstrated a very good understanding of how to keep themselves safe and answered our visitors’ questions with great maturity.

The question of the day came from Ali in 1H who asked about how we could tell a real police officer from someone dressed up as one. PSCO Shelley showed the boys her warrant card which the boys should ask to see if they were unsure whether someone was real police officer.

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