Summer Sports

As ever we have had a busy term of sport.

Harlequins Mascot

On the 25th March 2017 I was the mascot at the Harlequins games versus Newcastle Falcons.  I won a competition at school.  I have been a Harlequins fan all my life so I was very excited.  I had to get to the ground very early.  I got changed into my match shirt and had to wait in the players’ tunnel for the (Harlequins) captain Dave Ward.  He arrived and gave me the match ball and he said “We are going for a little jog.”  We then led the team out in front of a sell-out crowd (14,500 people).  The referee blew his whistle and both teams had a minutes silence for the Westminster attack.  I really enjoyed myself.  I was a little nervous but excited.  I was really happy when Harlequins beat Newcastle 53-17. 

It was a very special experience.  I found it very interesting that the players eat lots of chocolate!

By Max Turner 2L

Shrewsbury House Football Festival - Saturday 20th May

On Saturday 20th May 16 boys from Year 2 were selected to represent WCPS at the Shrewsbury House Football Festival. Just like the year before, the weather was baking hot; but the boys didn’t let that deter them from putting on a fantastic footballing display.

The boys were split into two teams. Mr Morrison’s team played four games winning 3 and drawing 1 and Mr Wright’s team also played 4 games winning 3 and losing 1.

Huge congratulations to all 16 to the following boys who represented WCPS so well.

2C: Arda U, Ethan T and Samvrit S

2K: Minseung K, Rory F, Ruairidh MW, Senan L, Toby M and Troy P

2L: Aiden A, Douglas A, George B, Isaac H, Noah S, Sammy H, and Tristan D

Sports Day - Friday 26th May

This year’s Sports Day was set to be a scorching hot with temperatures reaching 25 degrees.

The boys began by doing the traditional lap of honour with the flags being carried by Mr Bragg, Mr Foster, Mr McInnes, and Mr Whitely.

Each boy participated in five fields and depending on their year group they then took part in five different events. Some of the boys’ favourite activities were Sink the Bismarck, Obstacle Fun Relay, Mini- Marathon, Tug of war and Running Long Jump.

When all the boys had completed their field events they sat in the shade for their well-deserved rest before competing in their sprints and relays.        

Samuel L was crowned the fastest boy in Reception when he came steaming over the finishing line with blistering pace and setting a time of 10:03 for a 50 Metre Sprint. In Year one Luca T broke another school record, previously held by Ruairidh M, with his lightning fast pace to clock a time of 10.76 in the 60Metre Sprint. Oliver E is officially the fastest boy in the school as he blew the field away in a Usain Bolt- esque style, finishing with a time of 10:47 seconds in the 60 Metre sprint.

Once again Mrs Dodd had the vital job of recording all the scores and adding up all the points that each house had accumulated throughout the day and Mr Morrison had announced that Kingsmere managed to win back to back successive titles.

Yichen Y was quoted saying “My Favourite event was the cricket ball throw, because the cricket ball was lighter than I had expected meaning I could throw it even further. If I had to describe sports day in one word I would say marvellous.”

When asked about what he enjoyed most about Sports Day, Harry B responded by saying “The Running Long Jump was my favourite event because we got to run and jump into the pit of sand like the Olympians.” When asked to describe the day in just one word, Harry replied “Incredible”

Cricket - 2L and 2C vs Kings College School  - Monday 19th June

Monday 19th June saw boys from 2C and 2L participate in a cricket match against KCJS.

The boys played outstanding cricket, with some excellent bowling from all of the boys as well as some excellent fielding by Samuel H.

Well done to: Aiden A, Gabriel M George B, Isaac H, Joe S, Noah S, Sanjit K Samuel H, Shayan A and our two cricket captains Douglas A and Samvrit S who lead their team to victory with the score ending as 308-288.

Philip M said “The fixture was brilliant because Ben hit the ball for a 6 and I caught a year three boy out!”

Devan W said “It was really fun as I hit a four when I was batsman, also my team mate Nicholas C, bowled somebody out for a golden duck.”

Cricket captain Dougie A said “I really enjoyed the fixture because when I was bowling, I bowled somebody out. George caught somebody out and later on he also bowled somebody out.”

Year 1 Athletics against Donhead – Wednesday 28th June

On Wednesday 28th June all of Year 1 competed in an athletics fixture against Donhead. Once the boys competed in all three events they then got the chance to test their speed against the Donhead boys in a 30 metre sprint race.  

A few quotes from the boys on their experience below:

Hari G from 1J thought the long jump was excellent because he jumped “gold medal distance.” He went on to say:  “It was really fun, despite losing my balance and falling into the sandpit.”

Max S from 1D said “I loved this event and I tried my best. It was my favourite!”

Rayan said: “My team were determined and tried really hard and they won all their races.”

Prabhath said “I loved the sprinting race, it was fantastic as I won my race”.

The long jump was a favourite of James K from 1J as he was excited that he got to jump into a sand pit.

Reception vs Donhead Athletics fixture - Friday 30th June

On a bright, sunny Friday morning there was a sense of excitement from both the Squirrels boys and parents as they left school and walked over to the Donhead school sports ground. This would be their first Athletics fixture and the eagerness from the boys to get started was apparent. The boys each took part in three events and once they had finished that they had a chance to test their speed against the Donhead boys in a 30 metre sprint race.

A few quotes from the boys on their experience below:

Sachin G from Elm said "I really enjoyed the sprinting races I was racing so many boys so I had to be really fast!"

Seve S from Elm said "The long jump was so fun I wanted to have another go and try to beat my other jump."

Nicholas E from Oak said " I loved the running races there were loads of people racing at the same time to see who was the fastest."

Adien Z from Oak had this to say "I was so excited to start egg and spoon race! The rackets were so cool and I managed to come first!"

Adam from Ash stated "I loved the running race against Donhead it was so close everyone was really fast!"

Isaac from Ash said "The long jump was really good because we were practising two things, the running part and jumping part so it was quite hard to get right but I managed to jump really far."

Year 2 Athletics versus Donhead - Monday 3rd July

All Year 2 boys travelled to Donhead Sports Ground to compete in an athletics meet against Donhead.

There were three events held in a carousel and every boy took part in each of the events. The three events included sprints, cricket ball throw and tug of war. Mr Morrison’s highlight was watching the tug of war and said “The Squirrel boys were so determined and worked brilliantly as a team!”

Mr Rayar said “I was very impressed with the standard of sprinting from both schools, in particular Oliver E., George B. and Harry B.” 

Congratulations to all who took part and performed magnificently.

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