Year 1 Story Teller Workshop

Kevin began by showing us pictures of ten very different hats and the boys had to try their best to remember them. They then had to use lots of adjectives to describe each hat to their partner so that they could guess it correctly.

We were then told the story ‘Monkeys copy man’ which was interactive and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it.  In the story, a man took a rest under a tree on his way to sell a box of hats he made. Some monkeys then stole the hats and took them to the top of the tree! When the man woke up he demanded that they give the hats back but the monkeys simply copied everything he said or did.

The boys then had to think of a clever way the man could get his hats back from the monkeys. They wrote their ideas down and then shared them with the group. Kevin chose boys to act as monkeys to tell some of the endings using hats as props, it was very entertaining!

Kevin then told us the traditional ending which involved the man throwing his hat to the ground and the monkeys copied him! 

Miss Cave


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