First Steps

Early childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives.


At WCPS we greatly value the role that the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) plays in laying secure foundations for future learning and development.

The children join us with a wide range of experiences and previous learning. It is the privilege of staff working the Early Years to develop further those learning experiences. We do this through a holistic approach, which ensures that parents/carers and staff work effectively together to support each boy’s learning and development.

In our Reception classes we provide activities which challenge and support learning and are appropriate to the educational and developmental needs and abilities of each child.

The learning environment is stimulating and sensitive to all the needs of all children. The childrens' learning may take place indoors or in our outdoor classroom, to which the children have regular access. There is a balance between adult-directed and child-initiated activities, driven by the childs’ interest, through planned, purposeful play. Adult-directed activities mainly take place in small groups and are differentiated to enable each child to progress at his own pace.

Our Reception curriculum is challenging, but also broad and balanced and is planned around the Early Years Foundation Stage areas of learning:

Communication and language is the area of learning which encourages and develops the skills of listening, understanding and speaking.

Through activities in the area of physical development, the boys learn to control their bodies through the development of fine motor skills.

Elements of personal, social and emotional development are integral to our daily activities. We support the children in developing and maintaining positive relationships, in becoming confident in who they are and what they can do and in managing their feelings and behaviour.

Within Literacy activities we encourage the children to become confident and enthusiastic readers and writers.

In Mathematics the children learn about and apply their knowledge of the number system, shape, space and measure.

Our topic-based activities within Understanding the World provide opportunities for the children to find out about the world around them, asking and answering who, what and why questions.

Through Expressive Arts and Design we develop and stimulate the childrens’ creative abilities through art, design, drama and music.

We are fortunate to have specialist teaching in Music, Sport and French. The childrens' play in sports fixtures against neighbouring schools and perform in class assemblies and our whole school Christmas celebration. The curriculum is further enriched through school outings linked to our topic, for instance visits to the Transport Museum or Painshill Park.