The Arts

Music, Drama and Art & Design play an important role in the breadth and depth our curriculum.


Music and performance are a strong aspect of our Arts curriculum. School Choir, Chorus and class Assemblies provide regular opportunities for the boys to perform. Each week, during specialist music lessons, the children take part in percussion groups, singing and movement. They become familiar with the orchestra and develop an appreciation of many styles of music-making. The children learn to read musical notation and begin to experiment with compositions of their own.


All children perform in class assemblies and in workshops to encourage imaginative performance. During the year they may avail themselves of the opportunity to further develop their acting skills in our Drama Club.

Every summer, Year 2 stages a musical production for the parents and the school.

Art and Design Technology

Class based art projects, which may include weaving, clay modelling, painting, model making and picture making in a variety of media are always a highlight for the children. The quality of their creations is appreciated and proudly displayed around the school.