Quite a term, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I might have led with that sentence in previous newsletter articles. There is a reason for that - each term is packed with outstanding musical happenings.

This term we welcomed a whole new crop of reception boys. They learned about moving and clapping in time to different musical prompts and were introduced to the instruments of the orchestra by Peter and the Wolf.  They took turns to pass Mr Clap and Mr Boop around the class circle and excelled as they learned their words and songs for the annual Harvest parent assembly. Most impressive.

I love rituals and think that Christmas lends itself to developing experiences that can be remembered for a lifetime. After autumn half term life becomes very exciting as we prepare for the annual Christmas service and watch ballet - The Nutcracker. It will be hard to forget watching Mr Morrison break into a Samba! I’ll explain. I asked him to watch a particularly energetic rendition of the Russian dance and to draw comparisons with the strength required in various sports. I was trying to address the myth that ballet is just for little sisters… Well, Mr Morrison started to explain that the skills used in dancing help enormously with all kinds of sports activities. He then started to dance and suggested that this might be why the Brazilian footballers are so agile and successful.  It was a wonder to behold.

So finally, the Christmas service. I am writing just having been around the school to thank the boys and to tell them how proud I am of their performance this morning. They were confident, well prepared and sang with great energy and beauty. It really was quite moving.

This year we are aiming to become a ‘Singing School’. To that end our staff in service training in January is being delivered by ‘The Voices Foundation’. Watch this space - music might be about to flood out of each classroom. Now wouldn’t that be lovely, to quote a well known song?