Congratulations to the boys in Year 1 and 2 who have showed great sportsmanship regardless of the result during our football fixtures. We played 14 matches and 2 inter-house tournaments this term. Here are a selection of results and quotes from the boys.

Year 1 Maple vs Donhead

Team– Alexandros, Daniel, Alex, Aaryan, Andy 

Score- Squirrel FC 2 - 0  Donhead FC


Team– Thein-An, Reuben, Alexander, Reiss, Robert

Score- Squirrel United 1-3   Donhead united

Player quote: - Alexander: “I liked it when I passed to a team mate and my team scored a goal”


Team – Anmol, Rohan, Rhys, Samuel, Stanley

Score- Squirrel City 5-2 Donhead city

Player quote: -Anmol: “I liked dribbling past the Donhead boys”


Team – Ayden, Reily, Adithyan, Ambrose, Sanskar

Score- Squirrel Park 4-1 Donhead Park

Player quote: -Ambrose:  “I liked it when I was a goalkeeper and I saved four shots from Donhead”


Pine v’s Donhead

Team – Robbie Harry, Sami, Rayan, Raphael

Score- WCPS United 4-4 Donhead United

Player quote: Harry:” I liked it when I scored two goal against Donhead”


Team – Alex, Ayran, Uthmann, Aariv, Roshan

Score- WCPS Rangers 0-1 Donhead Rangers

Player quote: Aryan: I liked being a goalkeeper and saving a lot of shots”


Team – Ivan, Bertie, Theo, Alexander, Bertie

Player quote: - Bertie: “I liked it when I passed the ball to Theo and Theo scored a goal”


Team – Oscar, Alexander, Dru, How Da, Sheldon 

Player quote: - Oscar “I liked it when I played against Donhead and made good tackles”


WCPS v’s Rokeby

Team - Nicholas, Jeremiah, Isaac, Lachlan, Kevin

Score Rokeby 4-2 WCPS

Player quote: “I liked it when I passed the ball through a Rokeby player legs and Nicholas scored a goal”- Jeremiah


Team - Samuel, Seve, Kush, Oliver, Ethan

Score- Rokeby 1-2 WCPS 

Player quote “I liked it when one of our players show determination when he missed a penalty but scored on the rebound to give us the lead”- Oliver


Team - Noah, Henry, Joshua, Aiden

Score Rokeby 0-5 WCPS

Player quote- “I liked showing friendship to a player from the Rokeby team when he had fell over”- Joshua


Team - Samuel, Ruben, Zhixian, Vedant, Sachin

Score Rokeby 1-3 WCPS

Player quote- “I liked it when I scored past the keeper kicking through his legs”-Vedant 


Team - Fredrick, Sebastian, Sachin, Geogre, Viraaj

Score- Rokeby 1-6 WCPS

Player quote- “I liked it when I scored a goal. I had lots of fun”-Sebastian


Team - Neil, Ram, Hudson, Leo, Atharva

Score Rokeby 1-6

Player quote - “I liked it when I changed direction to get past a Rokeby player and also when I scored” -Ram



Team - Nataraj, Teddy, Risheet, Kieran, Alexander

Score Rokeby 1-6 WCPS

Player quote- “I liked it when I saved the ball using my knees when I was a goalkeeper” - Risheet 


Team - Mark, Ayaan, teddy, Angad, Taarush

Score Rokeby 0-8 WCPS

Player quote- “I liked it when I scored three goals”-Teddy



Milbourne Lodge football U7s Football Tournament  

Team name- Red Squirrels  

Team - Lachan, Kevin, Seve, Jeremiah, Ethan, Isaac

Scores- Red Squirrels 4-0 Claremont, The Rowans Greens 1-5 Red Squirrels 

The Rowans Reds 0-5 Red Squirrels 

Final game: Red Squirrels 3-0 Milbourne Lodge    

Player quotes- “l liked it when I got to lift the trophy with my team”-Ethan

“I liked it when I saved a shot that could of been a goal”- Kevin

“My favourite bit was scoring the first goal in the final”-Seve

“I liked it when we won the final”- Lachlan

“I liked the football matches because we always played our best”-Isaac 

 Team name- Grey Squirrels 

Team- Henri, Kush, Joshua, Oliver, Adam, Samuel

Group- Grey Squirrels, Milboure Lodge Cheetahs, Parkside

Scores- Milbourne Lodge Cheetahs 2- 2 Grey Squirrels 

Grey Squirrels  5-0 Parkside

Player quotes WCPS-   

“I liked it when I scored the last goal in the last match because it helped my team win-Henri

“I liked it when our team won the last game”-Adam

“I liked when I gave assists to my team”-Kush

“I enjoyed playing against other schools”- Joshua


WCPS v’s Willington

Team - Alexandros, Anmol, Andy, Alex, Daniel

Score: Squirrel United 7-3 Willington United

Player quotes: Alexandros “I enjoyed the match because it was fun and both teams scored lots of goals witch made me happy”.

Anmol “I enjoyed scoring goals and playing football at Willington”


Team - Thein-An, Aryan, Alex, Reiss, Reuben

Score:  Squirrel Rovers 6-2 Willington Rovers

Player quote: Thein-An “I was happy because everyone was there and I also scored lots of goals”


Team - Alexander, Mark, Samuel, Rohan, Marcus

Player quote: Mark- “I enjoyed playing as a goalkeeper because I saved a lot of shots”


Team - Santiago, Rhys, Zixiu, Alexander, Alexander 

Score Squirrel Town 7-3 Willington Town

Player quotes Rhys “I liked scoring goals, I scored about 6 goals”


Team - Alexander, Stanley, Aarav, Roshan, Sanskar

Opposition- FC Willington

Player quote “I liked it when we scored goals and I scored one of them”


Team- Ayden, Reily, Robert, Claude, Vihaan

Score Squirrel United 3-1 Willington Park

Player: Ayden,”I liked the match because my Mum and Dad were there to support me when I scored the first goal”


Team players- Adithyan, Hans-Christian, Sebastian, Ted, Ambrose 

Score Squirrel City 4-3 Willington City

Player quotes Sebastian “ I enjoyed scoring goals and playing my best in the match.


WCPS v Donhead

Nicholas, Lachlan, Isaac, Jeremiah, Seve

WCPS 6-Donhead 2

Kush, Kevin, Samuel, Oliver, Ethan

WCPS 5 – Donhead 2

Noah, Samuel, Joshua, Sachin, Henri

WCPS 8 – Donhead 1

Tom, Freddie, Aiden, Vedant, Max, Ruben

WCPS 5 – Donhead 3

Aadam, William, Ishaan, Sachin, Sebastian, Hudson

WCPS 2 – Donhead 1

Ram, Alexander, Risheet, Viraaj, Zhixian, George

WCPS 5 – Donhead 2

Luca, Teddy, Henry, Neil, Leo, Atharva

WCPS 1 Donhead 5

Taarush, Nataraj, Isaiah, Aiden, Angad, William

WCPS 5 – Donhead 0

Mark, Ayaan, Kiaan, James, Kieran, Luca

WCPS 6 - Donhead 2