Year 1 visit to Chessington Sea Life and Zoo

On Monday 15th October, Year 1 travelled to Chessington World of Adventures to visit the Sea Life Centre and Zoo.  We were fortunate enough to see many animals including sharks, sting rays, seahorses, owls, meerkats, penguins, gorillas, sea lions and a tiger. The boys were able to touch a starfish in the petting tank and the bravest ones even held a Giant African Land Snail! We attended a workshop where the boys learnt about animal adaptation and the very topical issue of plastic pollution. They were particularly fascinated by the fact that most sharks don’t actually sleep but instead they shut down one half of their brain at a time so that it can recharge. Adults and children alike all agreed that we would rather a night’s sleep!

It was a brilliant day, which provided an excellent learning experience for the boys. They behaved impeccably and joined in during the workshop with enthusiasm. Many thanks to the parents who joined us to make it a really successful outing.

Miss Studd