Year 2 visit to The London Wetland Centre

On Tuesday 25th September, Year 2 had the opportunity to go explore urban oasis for wildlife known as the London Wetland Centre. We got through London in great time and were greeted by a member of the dedicated staff. We learnt that the wetlands, wildlife and people are interlinked. We were asked to keep an eye out during our visit for all the ways we could spot this connection.

During the day, we all had the chance to take part in a variety of different activities and workshops. The boys took part in a bird watching workshop where they were taught how to use and focus binoculars. They were shown how to observe small differences in bird markings and feather pattern. They then worked in teams to locate and identify as many different bird species as they could. Another workshop the boys took part in was pond dipping. The boys worked in teams to carefully net and identify mini-beasts. They then got an up-close view of the creatures when they were shown the mini-beast under a video microscope. However, despite all these exciting activities the stars of our visit were the otters. The boys were all mesmerized by the pair of playing otters, swimming around and chasing each other.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their day.

“My favourite part was when we saw the otter. I thought they were very cute.” Aiden, Chestnut Class

“I really enjoyed being able to see the otters playing together.” Mark, Chestnut Class

“I liked the otters and the bird watching because I saw a big heron.” Noah, Hawthorn Class

“The best thing was the pond dipping. We even caught a fish!” Seb, Hawthorn Class

“My favourite bit was when I caught a Stickleback Fish at the pond dipping area.” Oliver, Birch Class

“I loved the pond dipping especially when my group caught a Three Spine Stickleback Fish and we saw it under the microscope.”  Henri, Birch Class

“I really enjoyed birch watching as I saw so many different types of birds.”  Jeremiah, Chestnut Class

Many thanks to all the parent helpers who accompanied us and helped to make the trip a huge success, your continued support is very much appreciated.

Miss Hickman