Gilbert Giggles

On Thursday 6th December, our festive celebrations began at WCPS with a brilliant performance by Gilbert Giggles.  The boys had an incredible afternoon! They loved the show from start to finish. They were memorised by his tricks and couldn’t stop laughing. 

Many thanks to Gilbert Giggles for such an enjoyable and lively show! We would also like to thank Friends of Squirrels for funding the performance.

The boys told us what their favourite part was:

‘When Gilbert made Marcus think he had broken the magic wand I thought I was going to fall on the floor laughing.’ Ted

‘My favourite part was when he kept taking out the wrong things from his suitcase and he ended up getting out his pants!’ Reilly

‘I liked it when there was a zoo and the monkey was missing from his cage. He gave the teacher a monkey drawing and then it appeared in the cage.’ Rohan

‘I liked when he told us a really funny joke. I went home and told my dad afterwards and he thought it was hilarious!’ Benjamin

‘My favourite was when he blew his nose and then tried to make the tissue disappear but he kept ending up inside his mouth!’ Arlo

‘He was a silly man who kept trying salute at us but instead knocked himself in the head.’ Jack

‘I liked that he could juggle with his foot.’ Freddie

‘I liked when more and more wands kept appearing’ Ismail