During the autumn term the boys have been developing their football, gymnastics and tag rugby skills. Next term EYFS boys will be focusing on team games and throwing, catching and aiming games. Year 1 and 2 will be developing their tag rugby skills ready for their fixtures and introduced to uni-hoc and handball. All the boys develop their agility, balance and coordination through weekly dance and/or gymnastic lessons.

There were many excellent performances during the 16 autumn term sports fixtures across the school. Squirrels continue to go from strength to strength on the sports field and this is reflected in our Year 2 boys who are highly motivated, skilful and producing excellent results. Year 2 won the Rokeby Football tournament as well as the Aldro and Cranmore Football Tournaments this term.  I look forward to seeing the Reception and Year 1 boys develop and produce equally fantastic performances in the future whilst learning about the value of sportsmanship and enjoyment of the game regardless of the result. The last two sports events this term will be the Year 1 & 2 inter-house football competition on Monday 9th December.

I hope you enjoy reading some of the comments below from the boys which give a good insight into how important school sport is to them. I look forward to a wonderful 2020 which will include many more fixtures, Year 2 PGL trip, new Year 1 Exploration Society Trips, new Dance Workshops and of course Sports Day on Friday 22nd May.  

Yours sportingly,

Mr A. Morrison

Rokeby Football Festival on Saturday 14th September

Team 1 Results

Robbie, Ivan,Anmol, Aryan, Harry, Theo, Brandon,Alex

Match 1

WCPS 2 The Rowans 4

Match 2

WCPS 3 Merlin 2

Match 3

WCPS 3 Rokeby 0

Match 4

WCPS 4 Vs Rokeby United 2

Team 2 Results

Alex G, Daniel, Alexandros, Alex D, Brandon Anmol, Ivan

Match 1

The Rowans 0 WCPS 5

Game 2

Donhead 0 WCPS 2

Game 3

WCPS 3 Vs Rokeby Rovers 0

Game 4

WCPS vs Rokeby Athletic

Rokeby Athletic 0 WCPS 3 0

Game 5

WCPS 0 VS Merlin 0

Quotes from boys 

“I liked when I scored a goal”- Daniel; “I liked when I scored in the last game”- Alexandro

 “I liked when we played against Donhnead because it was a tricky game”- Anmol

“I liked how we played and how we scored lots of goals” -Robbie  

Shrewsbury’s House Football Festival on Saturday 21st September

WCPS, The Rowans, Shrewsbury House Pre Prep

The 3 teams of 6 boys played 4 matches each. WCPS Won 5, lost 4 and drew 3 matches. 

Quotes from the boys

“I liked the festival because I enjoy playing football”-Thomas

“I liked playing against the other schools, my favourite game was against The Rowans” James

“I liked when we scored lots of goals in one game” Sean

“I passed the ball to Atlas and he scored a great goal” Vincent

“We won 3 matches and lost 1 game, I was very happy” Max

“I like to shoot hard because it helps me scores goals”-Theo

Cranmore Football Tournament on Saturday 21st September

Squad: Alexandros, Alex, Alessandro, Aryan, Reiss, Ivan

Match 1

Downsend vs WCPS

Score Downsend 0-3 WCPS

Match 2

 Cummor House vs WCPS

Score Cummor House 1-2

Match 3

Cranmore Vs WCPS

Score Cranmore 0-1 WCPS

Match 4

Rokeby Vs WCPS

Score Rokeby 1-3WCPS


 “I liked dribbling and scoring, especially when I scored the winner in a 2-1 win” Alexandros

“I liked that our team won the tournament” Aryan

“ I liked it when I made a one versus ove save against a Rokeby player” Alex G

Willington Fixture on Wednesday 2nd October

Match 1

Team Sean, Noah, Freddy, Jack, Ismail

Score Willington 3-0 WCPS

Quotes from the boys “I like it when I got to play in Centre Midfield it my favourite position-Sean 

Match 2

Team Ata, James, Joshua, Nikolai, Alexander

Score WCPS 10-0 Willington

Quotes from the boys “I like we won your match”-Ata

Match 3

Team Zayne, Vincent, Jake, Jack, David

Score WCPS 5-0 Willington

Quotes from the boys “I like that I scored four goals against Willington”

Match 4

Team Pedro, Oliver, Mischa, Nicholas, Matthew 

Score WCPS 1-0 Willington

Quotes from the boys “I like playing as a goalkeeper because I save lots of shots”-Mischa

Match 5

Team Samuel, Nathan, Jack, Logan, Elian

Score WCPS 2-3 Willington

Quotes from the boys “I like saving lots of shot”-Logan

Match 6

Team Petre, Ibrahim, Daniel, Aarav Lucas

Score WCPS 2-3 Willington

Quotes from the boys “I found it hard against Willington but I had fun”-Petre


Harlequin’s Trip

On Saturday 4thOctober the boys when to watch a very exciting game of rugby as Harlequins took on Gloucester in match at The Stoop. 25 boys from the school managed to take a place in the Guard of Honour to welcome the players from both sides onto the pitch. Quins scored six tries as they beat Gloucester 40-31 in an exciting tie at The Stoop, where the Cherry and Whites crossed the whitewash five times.

Quotes from the boys

“I liked throwing the bean bag in the game”-Arjun

“I liked that Harlequins won the match”-Abir

“I liked sitting down and watching the rugby match”-Luca

“It was noisy because we were all cheering”- Atlas

“Harlequins won and the way they tackled each other in the match was intense”-Ata

“It was fun because Harlequins won the match”-Theo

“The players were very fast”- Hawken

“I liked that Harlequins won the match”-Kabir


Rokeby Fixture Wednesday 2nd October

Match 1

Team list

Alex, Ivan, Alexndros, Daniel, Aryan

Score WCPS 15-2 Rokeby

Quote from the players “I like that I score 3 goals and got 3 assists”-Aryan 

Match 2

Team list

Robbie, Alex, Brandon, Reiss, Alexander           

Score WCPS 5-0 Willington

Quote from the players “I liked playing right midfield I pass the ball to lots of players”-Daniel

Match 3

Team list

Anmol, Bertie, Ronav, Harry, Rohan     

Score WCPS 5-0 Rokeby

Quote from the players “I like that I stay in position and the other players pass to me”-Anmol

Match 4

Team list

Claude, Marcus, Samuel, Alexander, Theo         

Score WCPS 3-2 Rokeby

Quote from the players “I like that I stay in position and that help me score a goal”- Alexander 

Match 5

Team list

Alex, Santiago, Robert, Mark    

Score WCPS 3-2 Rokeby

Quote from the players “I played against my friend William who goes to Rokeby” – Robert

Match 6

Team list

Rohan, Sebastian, Ayden, Alex Gibbons, Stanley

Score WCPS 2-2 Willington

Quote from the players-“I really like tackling the other Rokeby players to help my team score”-Rohan 

Match 7

Reilly, Sanskar, Rayyan, Dhru, Sami         

Score WCPS 1-2 Rokeby

Quote from the players- “I made good tackles when I played in central defence”-Rayyan 

Match 8

Ted, Avi, Adithyan, Aariv, Alexander    

Score WCPS 7-0 Rokeby

Quote from the players “I like playing in central midfielder-Avi


Aldro Football Festival

Match 1

WCPS 4 v St Polycarps 1

Goals – Alex G, Alexandros 2, Aryan

Assists -  Alex, Brandon, Aryan

Match 2

WCPS 1 v Busbridge 0

Goals- Alex,

Assist - Ivan

Match 3

WCPS 5 v Folly Hill 0

Goals - Aryan 2, Alexandros 2, Alex G

Assists – Alex G, Alexandros

Match 4

WCPS 5 v Puttenham 1

Goals - Alex 3, Ivan 2

Assists - 2 Alex G, Aryan, Reiss, Ivan

Total Goals Scored - 15

Total against – 2

Quotes from the boys

“I liked that I scored two goals and two assist in the tournament”-Ivan

“I like that we won all our matches”-Daniel

“ All the team we played were kind”-Brandon


Chestnut and Hawthorn vs Willington Football

Match 1

Team list Aaryan, Rohan, Alex, Avi, Theo, Reily 

Score 2-2

Player quote from the match “I liked that I scored a brace”- Aaryan

Match 2

Team list-Robbie, Marcus, Alexandros, Adyen, Bertie

Score- WCPS 4-0 Willington

Player quote- “I really like my team passing, Marcus played a brilliant pass to me”-Robbie

Match 3

Team list- Ivan, Reiss, Avriv, Sebastian, Ronav, Harry

Score WCPS 5-2 Willington

Player quote “I scored a hat trick and my favourite goal was when I dribbled past a good defender”-Reiss 

Match 4

Team list- Santiago, Alexander, Samuel, Alex, Rayyan

Score WCPS-0-7 Willington

Player quote- “I Ended up really muddy because I made lots of great saves in goal. My favourite save was, I jumped up twirled in the air and jumped to the ground to save the ball”. –Santiago

Match 5

Team list-Sami, Alex, Dhru, Mark, Stanley, Claude

Score- 3-1

Player quote “I was happy I was mentioned in the highlights”- Alexander

Match 6

Team list- Alexander, Rohan, Alexander, Sanskar, Ted,



Match Report WCPS vs Willington

Match 1

Squad list: Elias, Vihaan, Oscar, Joshua, Thomas

Score: WCPS 4-3 Willington

Quotes from the boys-“I liked everything about the match”-Thomas

Match 2

Squad list: Leo, Atlas, Adyin, Luke, Daniel, Theo

Score: WCPS5-1 Willington

Quotes from the boys-“I liked when we scored goals-Daniel

“I had fun and we all played a good game “-Leo

Match 3

Squad list: Thomas, Hawken, Michael, Henry, Felix

Score: WCPS 3-1 Willington

Quotes from the boys-“I enjoyed playing in central defence and right midfield”-Hawken 

Match 4

Squad list: Isaac, Jonathon, Daniel, Arlo, Ryan, Kabir

Score: WCPS 6-3 Willington

Quotes from the boys-“I liked that I scored a hat trick in the match”-Ryan

“I liked that I helped Willington and was a good sport”-Arlo


Fixture against KSC on Monday 18th November

Match 1

Team list: Alex, Alexandros, Aryan, Ivan, Anmol, Ha Da,

Score KCS 4-2 WCPS

Players quotes about the match- “I liked all the match because I enjoy playing football”-Alexandros

Match 2

Team list: Robbie, Alessandro, Daniel, Brandon, Oscar, Reiss

Score KCS 5-0 WCPS

Players quotes about the match- “I liked when I dribbled past three KCS players and near scored”-Daniel

Match 3

Team list: Thein-An, Samuel, Alexander, Alexander, Andy, Rohan

Score KCS 5-0 WCPS

Players quotes about the match- “I liked we worked hard as a team”-Alexander

Match 4

Team list: Alexander, Reuben, Ronav, Roshan, Albert, Mark, Zixiu

Score KCS 5-2 WCPS

Players quotes about the match-“I liked Rueben’s second goal because he was really fast”-Roshan   

Match 5

Team list: Santiago, Alexander, Robert, Claude, Rohan, Theo

Score KCS 4-0 WCPS

Player’s quotes about the match- “I liked that we kept trying our best”-Alexander

Match 6

Team list: Stanley, Sheldon, Benjamin, Aarav, Marcus, Dhru, Aariv

Score KCS 0-4 WCPS

Players quotes about the match- “I liked that we worked hard in the second half and the year 3s didn’t score”

Match 7

Team list: Ted, Hugo, Vihaan, Avi, Alexander, Sanskar, Sebastian

Score KCS 5-0 WCPS

Players quotes about the match- “I liked that I nearly scored”-Sebastian

Match 8

Team list:

Score KCS 3-3 WCPS

Players quotes about the match- “I liked that I scored a hat trick against year 3 boys”- Aditythan


“I liked that I scored a hat trick against year 3 boys”