Year 2 Storyteller Workshop

On Tuesday 10th September, Kevin Graal from Talking Tales visited Year 2 and delivered a fantastic story telling workshop. Kevin captivated the boys with a Russian folktale called Clay Boy.  The story was about an old couple who made a little boy out of clay but he came to life and hungrily ate up everything in the house. Clay Boy's appetite got out of control and for a while it seemed like there wouldn’t be a happy ending. But luckily for the boys, there was!

During the morning session, Kevin used drama and music in the workshop to inspire the boys’ creativity. In the afternoon, the boys created wanted posters for Clay Boy, drew story maps and created their own story ending.  They enjoyed re-telling the story to a partner.  In the final part of the day, the boys eagerly waited to find out the real ending to the story.  Through Kevin’s superb story-telling, the boys were both gripped and relieved to hear the happy ending. 

The workshop was loved by all the boys and staff and it provided an excellent tool to help bring the boys’ writing to life.