Year 1 visit to Chessington Sea Life and Zoo

On Friday 18th October, Year 1 travelled to Chessington World of Adventures to visit the Sea Life Centre and Zoo. During the day we saw an array of animals including; sharks, sting rays, seahorses, clown fish, jellyfish, owls, meerkats, lions, penguins, gorillas and sea lions. There was even the chance for the boys to gently touch a starfish in the petting tank.

We all attended a workshop where the boys learnt about animal adaptation and habitats. The boys were able to share their facts and knowledge from their topic learning at school; the adults were very impressed!

The boys behaved beautifully and had huge smiles all day. Here are some quotes from the boy’s experience;

“Chessington was so much fun! I had never been before and really enjoyed the aquarium. We even saw a blue lobster!” Jack D (Pine Class)

“My favourite part was watching the penguins dive into the water!” David (Willow Class)

“I liked the animal workshop. I learnt lots of new facts and I liked touching a porcupine spine.” Hawken (Maple Class)

Many thanks to the parents who joined us to make it a really successful outing.

Miss Millar