Year 2 Exploration Society

Over the Autumn Term, the Year 2 boys have been lucky enough to take part in four Exploration Society session which took place on Wimbledon Common. The boys had the opportunity to be immersed in nature. This offered them the chance to develop their learning through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic experiences. The boys were actively involved in a large range of problem solving and team building tasks.

The boys built upon their problem solving and team building skills each session and were able to establish new social bonds. Their level of communication, empathy and wellbeing soared! The experience inspired their exploration and curiosity. This then encouraged their motivation to learn independently outside the classroom. The boys were heavily encouraged to ‘do and review’ giving them skills to assess their own learning and experiences.

We asked the boys what their favourite activity was and what they had learnt. We got the following answers:

  • ‘I enjoyed building den and I learnt to work as a team.’ Aarav
  • ‘My favourite activity was during the last trip when we found the treasure as a group. I learnt how to communicate.’ Daniel
  • ‘I enjoyed building dens the most and I learnt how to solve tricky problems.’ Theo
  • ‘My favourite thing was when we used stings to control a boat to fish out rubber bath toys. I leant that working together can make things very quick.’ Alexander
  • ‘My favourite thing was trying to the treasure by communicating with my team.’ Hao Da
  • ‘My favourite thing was the den building. I learnt that is you work as a team things will be quicker and you will get more done.’ Harry