What a delight to meet our new Reception boys and see how enthusiastic they are with their French lessons! Our Year 1 and Year 2 boys were very excited to see our - now famous – puppet Mr Claude return to the classroom.

Our main topic was “Life at school”. We have developed our conversational skills and learnt how to describe the school objects, for example “la gomme” (rubber), our school subjects, for example “l’anglais” and “le francais”.

The Year 2 boys have practised building sentences such as : “Dans mon sac, il y a un crayon bleu et une gomme verte”, using their grammar rules for adjectives and feminine and masculine.

The Year 1 boys have described what they have in their pencil case with simple sentence starters like “J’ai” (I have).  We have made excellent progress through lots of interaction and games!

In addition to learning how to speak French this term, all boys have studied the country and culture of France. We spoke about Paris and the “Tour Eiffel” (see our Year 1 boys admiring the Eiffel Tower keyring collection!). We learnt how it got its name and talked about travelling to France under the sea on the Eurostar. We talked about baguette, cheese and how some French people eat snails and frogs legs!

Lastly we enjoyed finding out about the Christmas celebrations in France and the boys look forward to singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” in French, with the on-going support of Miss Fourie!

 “Joyeux Noel et Bonne annee 2021!”

Madame Wilson