It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Our school community is looking forward to a well-earned rest and some relaxation - particularly for our Year 2 boys as external 7+ tests end for most. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the company of family and friends as we consider what the festive season means. Winter festivals are global. Cultures around the world celebrate light in the darkest season of the year, as a symbol of hope for the future, and the multicultural make-up of our school community should encourage us to reflect on the variety of meanings Christmas holds for our families. We all look forward to 2021 with optimism.

The term at WCPS has been a typically busy one. Once again, our boys have risen above all expectations and continue to achieve excellent learning goals. This is down to the hard work, resilience and talent of these young people and their teachers, together with the positive influence of family which cannot be underestimated. I so appreciate the support of our wonderful school.

We all recognise that our children seem to face more pressure than ever before, but to counteract that I know that our boys are supported by the love, kindness and unconditional regard that they need and deserve. They are the hope and light of the future.

On behalf of all staff at WCPS, I wish everyone a wonderful, safe and happy time.

With very best wishes

Tracey Buck