It seems unbelievable to think that our Reception boys have been with us for a full term. The staff have been delighted at how well the boys have settled into their next stage of learning, taking on new routines, making new friends and achieving great strides in all areas of development. Beginning their time at “big school” as the boys often call it, is an exciting time and it is wonderful to see so much excitement and enthusiasm on the boys’ faces during the school day.

Our topic this term has been “Ourselves” which has given the boys the opportunity to share information with their classmates about themselves, their families and homes. We have talked a lot about similarities and differences and the importance of being kind to others.

As you will know learning takes place both indoors and outdoors in Reception. The boys are always very keen to visit the outdoor classroom, using resources and equipment such as the post office, the water tray, junk modelling, construction equipment and literacy area. Working in the outdoor classroom allows the boys the opportunity to follow their own interests and ideas and work collaboratively with others in a more spacious learning environment.

This term we have spent time finding out about different celebrations including Diwali, harvest and Christmas. The boys enjoyed learning their harvest songs which were sent to you on the seesaw platform. A highlight of the term was our autumn walks to Cannizaro Park where we collected a vast array of different leaves which we used to create natural art on our return to school.

Christmas is always a special time in school. There have been lots of seasonal projects in the classroom including making Christmas cards, salt dough shapes and paper chains. We hope that you also enjoy our Christmas performance sent to you via seesaw.

Well done Reception. We are very proud of all that you have achieved this term and look forward to continuing our learning in the spring term.

Trip to Cannizaro:

Reception enjoyed fabulous mornings out and about on an autumn walk. 

They looked at the colour and shapes of the leaves falling from the trees, made autumn crowns and collected leaves for artwork back in class.

They recited the following autumn poem.

I see orange, I see brown, I see leaves on the ground.

I see yellow, I see red, I see leaves above my head.