Year 1 - Please find some updates from Year 1 below:

Year 1 Maths

Year 1 boys have been very busy during Maths lessons this term. We have covered: Addition, Subtraction, Problem Solving, Place Value, 2D Shapes, Money, Data Handling, Time and Measure. The boys have also worked extremely hard on Maths Mastery tasks to enhance their reasoning skills.

Measuring Week

The boys particularly enjoyed our lessons on measure. In our first lesson, we used cubes to estimate and measure the length of different objects in the classroom. We then measured different objects using a ruler and practised using it to draw and measure straight lines. Finally, we went on a ‘measuring hunt’ around school to find objects that were longer and shorter than 1m.
The boys thoroughly enjoyed estimating, measuring, ordering, sorting and comparing the lengths of different objects. The practical tasks were not only fun and interactive, but helped the boys understand the concepts in greater depth.
We look forward to being mini mathematicians again next term!

Miss Smith

Year One Short Narrative Story Writing

Year One spent two exciting weeks reading Bill Jr and Eric Carle’s books ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ and ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?’. They started off their two-week learning by performing ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ on the I-pads. The children used wonderful expression, perfect rhythm and clear voices in their performances. Year One each wrote a page to contribute to a whole class book. There was a fancy flamingo, snappy crab, spectacular sardine, alert meercat, a happy hamster and many more! Here are the new class book names:

‘Cheeky Monkey,

Cheeky Monkey,

What Do You See?’ by Willow Class


‘Lovely Bird,

Lovely Bird,

What Do You See?’ by Pine Class


‘Angry Crocodile,

Angry Crocodile,

What Do You See?’ by Maple Class


During the second week of learning, Year One listened intently to ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?’ and focused on animals’ verbs such as barking, snorting and braying. The children then had to think of six intriguing animals for their very own book. Each boy had to include adjectives, alliteration and verbs on each of their pages. Here are some examples of their amazing writing:

‘Black spider, black spider, what do you hear? I hear a pink pig oinking in my ear!’ By Kai in Maple Class

‘Ferocious lion, ferocious lion, what do you hear? I hear a dainty flamingo squawking in my ear!’ By Timothy in Willow Class

‘Enormous gorilla, enormous gorilla, what do you hear? I hear a quick horse galloping in my ear!’ By Caspar in Pine Class

Finally, the children had to entice their readers by illustrating beautiful pictures and writing an exciting blurb.

Miss Studd, Miss Smith and Miss Millar are very proud of their budding authors!

Design and Technology

There was lots of excitement in Year 1 when the mystery of the shoebox was revealed! The boys needed a shoebox for a Design and Technology project linked to our Topic ‘Ocean and Seas of the World.’ The task was to design and make a 3D seascape.

The first step was to plan a design. The boys spent a lesson deciding what sea creatures they would include in their seascape, the materials they would like and the tools they would need to help them. They drew and labelled a design of how they would like their seascape to look and provided instructions to the adults about what materials they would need. The next step was to decorate the inside of the box. Some children chose blue paint; others chose blue card or tissue paper. With the help of the adult, the children glued sand to the ‘seabed’ and added a selection of shells. The next step was to draw and cut out the different sea creatures. The boys used stencils to draw the outlines and they decorated them with googly eyes, stripes and other marine features! The next step was to attach the creatures to the shoebox. Some boys chose glue or sellotape and others chose string, so that the creatures would hang in their box.

At the end of the project, the boys evaluated their seascape. They shared what they liked about their design and what they might to differently next time. We think the seascapes look fantastic and they temporarily transport us to a tropical ocean in these chilly months! Well done to all the boys for working so hard on this project.