Autumn Term is a very busy time for Year Two. All the boys work incredibly hard and progress their skills dramatically. While the term is very busy, we do our best to ensure that the boys have a lot of fun too. Some highlights of our term are explained below.  

The boys love getting creative! This term we have completed a DT project focused on vehicles. All the boys designed their own vehicle and had a wonderful time making it! They were able to bring in additional items from home, they were able to saw the wood for their axle (with adult supervision) and designed and printed a logo on the iPads. The vehicles looked wonderful! Once they were done, the boys also evaluated their designs. In Art this term, the boys have created an oil pastel masterpiece inspired by the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The boys all carefully studied his artwork to try and make sure theirs was just as vibrant. With Christmas on our mind the boys have also made their own stencil which we used for block printing. The boys created their own piece of wrapping paper which they will use to send a special gift to a family member!   

In Topic, we have been looking at ‘Travel & Transport’ and ‘Our Local Area’. The boys have learnt how transport has evolved and how our local area is built around modern transport. A highlight of this topic is when we complete a travel survey of the Ridgway. The boys love standing outside with their clipboards collecting the data. 

The Year Two boys were very lucky as this term they were able to go on a trip to The Exploration Society. The boys completed a range of activities on Wimbledon Common focusing on honing their communication and teamwork skills. They all came back very proud and very muddy! 

The boys also enjoy our Maths and English lessons. A favourite unit of Maths is fractions. The boys got to be very active and create their own paper fraction pizzas. They worked hard and ensured they wrote detailed descriptions of their pizza showing off their knowledge of complex and equivalent fractions. In English, we focus a lot on our creative writing skills. The boys really enjoy pretending to be newspaper reporters and writing a detailed description of the big, bad wolf using all the writing tools they have learnt this term. They are wonderful and terrifying to read!   

All the boys in Year Two have given every lesson and task 100% of their effort and should be so proud of all they have achieved.