Schools are about journeys, the different paths that are available within them and the people we meet along the way, and I have certainly had many delightful opportunities and experiences during my eleven years as Head at Squirrels. I am very lucky to have experienced the true embodiment of all that is wonderful about our school and the individuals who make up our community. I remain inspired by the resilience and the flexibility shown by the numerous teams at Squirrels who have continued to deliver the best teaching and pastoral care to all our pupils under the most challenging of circumstances of the last 18 months.

I believe that we give roots and wings to our children; we want them to feel settled and grow and then we watch in awe as we teach them to fly. I sincerely believe we have achieved these dreams during my tenure as Head here and I know Mr Forbes will continue the journey with your boys.

The school is a happy, purposeful, and secure environment where the children feel valued along with a love of learning. And whilst I have been swimming in a sea of opportunities, every term with excitement, adventure, and hard graft, we have always accomplished the joy of success. The hidden beauty of this unique school is that there is an adventurous soul to be treasured and nurtured and I have witnessed the ambition simply come alive - I can’t see that ever changing!

As for my own plans on leaving, nothing is yet set in stone, apart from spending some well earned time with my family.

I hope that you all continue to be safe and well as I start my new journey away from Squirrels.

With very best wishes for 2022.

Tracey Buck