As part of their PE curriculum, Reception have thrown on their wellies and have been out of school and over to Cannizaro Park a couple of times for Forest School sessions. Boy’s learning starts the moment we step out of the school gates; Mr Morrison is a fountain of knowledge on lots of thing’s nature related, and even the Reception teachers are learning from him ......................Who knew that holly leaves are less spiky the further up the tree you go?!  We stop-start walk all the way to the park, observing and discussing the interesting things that we pass on the way. 

In the area we have claimed as our Forest School Classroom the boys have used natural resources to create patterns and pictures, we connected sticks together to make our own Stickmen and on our last trip they enjoyed hot chocolate and a biscuit time.

The benefits of Forest School are evident inside our classrooms as well; developing communication skills of speaking and, more difficultly, their listening while working with a team, the boys core and fine motor muscles are becoming stronger and they are increasing their resilience and improving their self-regulation skills, important when you are in the beginning stages of reading and writing.

We are scheduled for 4 more sessions and are hoping for some snowy, chilly days out during our next sessions in the New Year!