Exploration Society

Every Thursday morning and afternoon during autumn term one, Year 1 & 2 had a brilliant time venturing off to Wimbledon Common for team building activities in the wild. The boys absolutely loved the adventure and the challenges each week


The boys work in small groups and use their planning and communicating to fulfil the task. At the end of each challenge the boys and instructors evaluate their own and the groups performance. From using sperate pieces of guttering to carry a tennis ball from one end of the field to the other, to being blindfolded and having to direct their team members to certain destinations. The boys are using a variety of teambuilding skills to achieve their goal. All the boys have been listening carefully and applying their understanding to the challenges. They have grown in confidence and developed their ability to work effectively in a team. 

Some quotes from the boys below:

“My favourite challenge was Splat”

“I liked walking on the planks on in the across the sea game”

“I liked Den Building the best”

“Gutterball was the my favourite game”

‘It’s hard but very funny’ 

‘I really like the tasks we did’ 

‘I always work hard but it is hard to work as a team.’ 

‘I really enjoyed the string activity where we had to put a ball in the middle of the string and work as a team to move it around’ 


Thank you to all the staff and instructors from Surrey Outdoor Learning Centre for their enthusiasm.