Year One Assemblies 

Year One had the important task of starting the yearly classes assemblies. It was also their very first assembly performance at Squirrels with a LIVE audience. All classes did a superb job, and the Year One team were exceptionally proud of the boys for learning their songs and lines so quickly.  

Willow Class Assembly-Wednesday 22nd September 2021 

Willow Class focused on the message about kindness and love by retelling Orchard Hall the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Phfisher. They wore their brightly decorated sea creature headbands proudly. Also, they sang two songs, ‘I can sing a Rainbow’ and ‘Love is All you Need’ by the Beatles with their imaginary trumpet performance. What a way to start the school assemblies! Miss Millar, Mrs Steel and Ms Fourie were very proud teachers.  

Maple Class Assembly- Wednesday 28th September 2021 

Maple Class did a FANTASTIC job at retelling the story of ‘The Journey Home’ by Frann Preston Gannon. They shared an important message about looking after our planet. Each boy delivered their lines with confidence and poise and sang for all to hear! Miss Studd, Mrs Johnston and the Maple Class parents were grinning from ear to ear at their sterling performance.  

Pine Class Assembly- Wednesday 6th October 2021 

Pine Class shared the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Oliver Jeffers. Orchard Hall was filled with brightly coloured crayons who decided to go on a strike because they were not satisfied with how they were being used by Duncan, played by Baxter. Pine Class stressed the importance of kindness through their friendship recipe and two amazing songs. Superb job, Pine Class, Mrs Gannon and Mrs McKeon were exceptionally proud of you all.