Year 1 and 2 boys were elected by their classes to be School Council representatives for the Spring term.

The boys have helped to save our planet by taking part in the ‘Big Battery Hunt’ to collect used batteries for recycling. They encouraged their class members to search their houses for as many batteries as possible and did an amazing job – we have collected thousands of batteries! Well done and thank you to everyone who contributed.

During Book week, school council members judged the ‘Get Caught Reading’ photograph competition to award a winner from each year group. The boys also became fantastic sales representatives at the second hand book sale helping to raise a massive £242.50! They helped customers with book choices, worked out change and even persuaded people to buy more books than they were planning to (a large amount of that total came from Mr Morrison!)

For Sports Relief on the 23rd March, school council visited all of the classes selling wristbands to raise money for the cause and to make sure the boys were able to wear them when they ran the Sports Relief mile.

Thank you very much to this term’s school councillors, you have been brilliant!

Miss Cave and Mrs Greener