On Friday 16th March, WCPS hosted Science day in line with National Science week. Jack from Genie Lab came to school with a whole host of exciting experiments to show us.

The day started with a whole school assembly with Jack showing the boys lots of chemical reactions that resulted in steam hitting the ceiling, masses of foam pouring out of flasks, rockets launching and lids shooting off!

We learnt that Science can sometimes look like magic, as indicators were used to change liquid from a transparent colour to red and then back again! Jack also used a gas canister to shoot gas through a tube and other contraptions, creating bangs, pops and much exhilaration! He held fire in his hand, which was very impressive, but also one not to try at home (or any of the experiments)!

We also saw experiments investigating dry ice, vacuums and air pressure using a giant marshmallow and a bell jar. The boys were so enthused and amazed; it was such a pleasure to see.

After the assembly, each class participated in a workshop in which they made their own slime. Other activities included making paper aeroplanes and learning about polymers used in nappies!

Thank you so much to Jack and Genie Lab for providing such a fantastic and memorable Science day for the boys. A huge thank you to FOS for funding the day.

Miss Cave