Rugby, cross country, football and Sport Relief made for another busy sporting term.

Cross Country

2J vs Willington: 30th January 2018

On Tuesday 30th January, 2J boys travelled down to Beverly meads to compete in our first Cross Country fixture against Willington School. The boys were split into two different groups, the antelopes and the ostriches. Each competed in two races, which were approximately 1.5km.

The antelopes competed first whilst being cheered along at various checkpoints by the ostriches, before meeting them at the finish line. Once all the antelopes had completed the course it was time for the antelopes to cheer on the Ostriches.

On the way back on the coach some of the boys were interviewed and the following are a few quotes from the runners:

“I really enjoyed the cross-country. It was a big field and it was like running in a maze. I have done park run before so it was similar to that and I was determined to finish as quick as I could”. Sunny

“I really enjoyed it, I tried my best and I won the gold medal”. Charlie O.

“I was delighted because I came second and I won a medal”. Hari G

“It was great because I really like running and I get to keep fit. My favourite part was coming second in my second race and winning a silver medal”. Tobi

“It was great to see a superb performance from all the boys, a particular highlight was seeing the sheer will and determination on the faces of each boy as they made sure they gave their very best today”. Mr Morrison:


Year 2 vs KCS: 5th February 2018

Monday 5th February saw all the boys in year 2 compete in their first tag-rugby fixture of 2018 against KCS.

Some of the boys and staff were interviewed and this is what they had to say.

Joseph: It was excellent match against Kings. We played really well as a team and we drew 20-20. My favourite part was when I dived and tagged one of their players.

Vihaan: It was challenging as they were really fast however we still managed to win 40-30.”

Laurie: It was an exciting and tough game, the crowd encouraged me and I scored four tries.

Dashiell Kings were fast and they were very good at tagging. My favourite part was when I leapt and tagged him with one hand. I landed in the mud, which was not nice, but I was happy I managed to tag him because it was the sixth tag and it meant it was a turn over.

Mr Wright: The boys in my team played exceptionally well. Their defensive line was set up well by the captain Theo and there was plenty of quick tagging all round. Not only that, but there were some superb tries scored by Louie, Harry and Rayan. Man of the match performance from Hari, who worked his socks off in defence and attack as he covered every blade of grass. In the end, the final score finished 45-35, well done to the mighty Squirrels!

Mr Morrison: The focus was on delivering our very best performance across each of the eight teams and putting ourselves in a position where we would get rewarded for our efforts. Because of our outstanding performances, we ended up with the best set of results against the KCS boys that we have had in my time at WCPS.

2l vs Willington: 6th February 2018

On Monday 6th Feb, 2L took part in a tag rugby match against Willington School on possibly the coldest day of the year as temperatures reached -2 degrees, however the boys did not let this deter them as the put on an excellent display of tag-rugby being cheered on by the supporters that braved the baltic weather

Mrs Logan: Thomas, who captained his side, led by example as he supported and encouraged his side throughout the game.

Mr Snead: Thank you for the opportunity to play a part in today’s fixtures. I had the pleasure of coaching Max's Green team, which included: Joonsung, Brian, Rafe and Jeremy. I was impressed with the performance and quality of the rugby these boys played. Above all it was heart warming to witness the passion and desire on the pitch.

In attack the boys ran straight, aware of the task at hand. The support play was there and in many cases provided options for the pass when tagged. In defence, we spent some time going over the structure; create a wall and move forward as a wall. We did some drills to practice this during the half time break and then asked them to freeze. This showed them what the holes looked like when they did not move forward as a wall. They took this on board really well and put it to work in the 2nd half which reduced them to 3 tries to our 6 with the end result being 12-9 to the mighty Squirrels. We all thoroughly enjoyed the morning, especially me and I would be delighted to participate again if needed. The opposition weren't bad either!

Joonsung: I tried my best and I scored hat-trick of tries.

Jeremy: My teams mates were good at supporting me and we worked really well as a team. I scored 2 tries!

Louie and Harry who were interviewed at the same time, both really enjoyed the game and they managed to score 3 tries each.

Luca: We lost 60-50, but that does not really matter, as we were there to have fun, my best part was when I sidestepped the defender to score the last try of the game

Yusuf: I really enjoy running and I used my speed to run past the defenders and I scored 4 tries.

Overall, it was an outstanding performance from Squirrels as they lost one game, drew one and were victorious in the remaining three.

1d vs Willington: 23rd February 2018

On Friday 23rd February the boys from 1D played their first ever tag-rugby fixture against Willington School at Beverly Meads

“My favourite part was tagging the other boys, at the end we said thanks for the game, and we did three cheers” Isaac

“My favourite part was when my team scored tries and I helped them too” Angard

“I scored two tries and I almost scored another one, but I ran so fast that my shoe came off so I had to stop and pass the ball to my teammate” Ishaan

“My team played really well and everybody on my team scored at least one try” Ethan

“I loved the tag rugby game, I scored four tries and I tagged the Willington boys too. We drew 40-40, which I think it was a fair game” George

Year 2 Inter-House Tag Rugby: 26th March 2018

On the 26th March, the Year 2 boys competed in the Inter-House tag rugby tournament.

Mr Cassells said, “It was a pleasure to see all the boys work really well as a team. They worked their socks off and put in 100% effort in all of their games.”

Mr Wright and Mr Morrison both agreed that the level of tag rugby on their pitches was phenomenal, there was plenty of tags being made and as soon as the boys were tagged, they quickly released the ball to their team-mate who was waiting in space. What was pleasing to see was their sportsmanship, regardless if they won or lost their match.

The year 2 boys were asked about their thoughts after the match and below are a few of their comments:

“Inter-house was brilliant, I scored quite a few tries and the Ravine boys in my team won a medal.” Toby

“It was fantastic because I scored a try right at the end. Bluegate won two games and I won a medal” Jaiveer

“It was fantastic because I scored quite a lot of tries and Kingsmere won all three games and we won the Inter-House Trophy” Charlie

“My team played well and we never gave up even though we lost all three games. After Inter-House tag-rugby I felt joyful and happy because I was voted player of the tournament” Bruno

“I felt amazed because it was the first time we won the Inter-House tag rugby cup” Jeremy

“I tried my hardest and in the last match I scored a try. We didn’t win a medal although I still felt happy because I tried my best” Shreyas

“Inter house was really fun, my team scored lots of tries and we got lots of tags.” Jake

“Inter-house was amazing, my favourite part was when I scored two tries” Harry

“Inter-house was really cool. I loved tagging the other boys. I was proud we won all three games” Yusuf

Year 1 Inter-House Tag Rugby: 28th March 2018

Year 1 Inter-House Tag-Rugby took place on the school astroturf due to a waterlogged pitch, however that did not deter the boys as they came out rearing to go. There was some excellent tagging all round and plenty of tries scored.
Mr Morrison and Mr Wright came off the pitch looking very wet; however, they were still keen to give a brief interview.

This is what they had to say:

“Despite the atrocious weather, it was pleasing to see that all the boys were out competing with smiles on their faces. It shows their character to be out there competing come rain or shine.” Mr Morrison.

“Year 1 were fantastic in tag-rugby today. Their work ethic was extraordinary as they committed 100% right up until the final whistle.” Mr Wright.

The boys were in two different leagues and in the first league to play the winners were Kingsmere with a total of 8 points. In the second league, Bluegate and Queensmere were champions, both winning two games and drawing one.

After adding the points from both leagues, The Year 1 Inter-House Tag-Rugby champions were Queensmere House!

Below are the final standings:

  • Queensmere:14
  • Bluegate: 12
  • Kingsmere: 12
  • Ravine: 10


WCPS vs Prospect House: 2nd February 2018

On Friday 2nd February, seven boys represented WCPS in the annual Prospect House Football Tournament. There were 16 teams in total at the tournament and Squirrels played against Hurlingham, Eveline, Falcons, Orchard House, Wetherby, Finton House and Merlin.

In their first match, despite having more chances to score, they found themselves 1-0 down before Tobi got an assist when he launched the ball long to Luca who grabbed our first goal of the tournament to finish the game. WCPS 1 Hurlingham 1

After a slow start in the first match, the boys were firing on all cylinders in their second game and 3-0 up in the first two minutes. The first after Jake dribbled down the right wing and crossed it for Archie and Archie returning the favour not too long after assisting Jake. The boys ended up scoring nine goals in that game. WCPS 9 Eveline 0

WCPS continued their fine form in their next game against Falcons with goals coming from Jake and Charlie and another excellent defensive display keeping yet another clean sheet. WCPS 2 Falcons 0

Due to playing two games back to back, Squirrels looked a bit fatigued and found themselves 1-0 down, however second wind kicked in and an awesome strike by Charlie was the equaliser, meaning both teams shared the points. WCPS 1 Orchard House 1

We then played our two most difficult games of the tournament back to back, the first being against Wetherby and the second against Finton House where we came out 2-1 victory in both of the games. WCPS 2 Finton House 1; WCPS 2 Wetherby 1

The final game of the day was against Merlin School where James, who had been solid in defence all day, was selected to play upfront in this match managed to score a hat-trick and Jack scoring a great solo goal. WCPS 4 Merlin 0

Below are quotes from some of the boys who represented WCPS at tournament

“It was brilliant. I really enjoyed the tournament and we did pretty good. We were undefeated in the whole tournament. We won five games and only drew two.” Archie,

“My favourite part of the prospect house tournament was that we came 2nd place and I got to play with my team-mates. I scored nine goals!” Jake

“The tournament was intense, but it was really fun going in goal and making lots of saves”. Tobi

“It was a pleasure to manage Archie, Charlie Jack, James, Jake, Luca and Tobi. They each showed great pieces of individual skills to dribble past the opposition as well as being selfless by passing the ball to a team-mate who was in a better goal scoring position. They also showed great determination, as they found themselves 1-0 down in two of the matches but they fought till the end to remain undefeated throughout the whole tournament and finish with the runners up medals around their neck.” Mr Wright:

Oak vs Donhead: 20th March 2018

On Tuesday 20th March Oak class played in a football fixture against Donhead School.

Across both pitches, the boys were full of energy trying to score as many goals as possible. It was a pleasure to watch the boys put into practice some of their footballing skills that they had worked on over the past term.

Mr Morrison said, “I was very impressed with the standard of EYFS football from both schools this morning. The Squirrel boys worked themselves into the ground, displaying high levels of determination. It was pleasing to see both teams congratulating one another at the end of each match”.

When asked how the games went on Mr Wrights pitch, he replied, “despite the cold weather, it was encouraging to see the boys were raring to go. There was a goal fest on my pitch with nine goals being scored! The boys staying focused during the game and played with smiles on their faces. There was some excellent goalkeeping from Siva and Alexander, also well done to Harry and Alex who scored two goals each.”

After the game, Oak class were interviewed and here are a selection of their responses:

“The game was really fun and when I was in goal, I got to make loads of saves.” Ivan

“We got to play lots of football and everybody had fun. I always say, it doesn’t matter about winning or losing, it is about trying your best” Raphael

Overall, it was fantastic football fixture with both schools winning two games and losing two games.

Sports Relief on Friday 23rd March

All the boys completed the one mile challenge at KCS on Friday 23rd March. Cheered on by parents and staff, the boys in EYFS completed 3 laps, Year one and two boys ran 4 laps (and some year 2 boys doing a few bonus laps for fun!). It was lovely to see some of the staff and parents running alongside the boys.

Thank you to Mrs Greener and Miss Cave who organised the selling of wrist bands with the members of the school council. At the time of writing, the total amount raised is unknown.

For information on where the money raised goes please go to