On a bright and crisp morning, on the 22nd March, we set off on a large coach for our trip to Kew Gardens.

We toured the warm Palm House, looking at the Giant Bamboo, seeing how high it can grow in just two weeks. The boys were so excited to see real Pitcher Plants. They are a carnivorous plant that grow in the tropical rainforests. They eat small insects and can even digest a small rodent. One tree the boys were desperate to see was the Cacao tree; they were thrilled to see many pods growing on the trees.

At lunchtime, the boys refuelled inside the tent. After lunch, they had the opportunity to run around in the Climbers and Creepers playground, to let off a little energy. We managed to find a badger sett and a log pile adventure playground. The boys tested their balance to see if they could get to the end without touching the ground. Many were able to achieve this.

It was a most wonderful, exhausting day tying in with our Topic about the Rainforest.