On Thursday 1st February, 2J took to the stage to transport us back in timeā€¦ all the way to The Stuart Period!

The boys performed a wonderful class assembly about The Great Fire of London. Through drama, song and animation, they retold the catastrophic events that unfolded late that night on Sunday 2nd September 1666, which would change London forever.

Samuel Pepys shared his diary, Thomas Farriner owned up to his mistake at the Bakery on Pudding Lane and King Charles I1 eventually took charge. A whole host of Londoners, charred with smoke, also joined us in Orchard Hall to share what they had seen and heard that night.

In addition, to explain events in digital form, 2J also shared some Great Fire of London animations they had made using the Puppet Pals app. They scripted the animations and drew all of the characters and backgrounds themselves - we certainly have some promising filmmakers in our midst!

The boys shone on stage. They delivered their lines confidently and sang with great enthusiasm. Costumes too were wonderful and huge thanks must go to the parents of 2J for providing such super outfits and supporting the boys in learning their lines.

Well done to all of 2J - you should be very proud.

I certainly am!

Miss Jenkins