On the 22nd January Year 2 attended a Great Fire of London workshop.

Aarav Gupta, 2J

Yesterday, we had an amazing day at school because we had a workshop about the Great Fire of London. We spent the day in Orchard Hall with a lady called Fiona. We were learning about the Great Fire because London is our topic this term.

First, I did an ink making activity. I got some charcoal and some shiny pebbles and put them in a brown bowl. I had to grind them and it was really exciting!

Next, I went to a sweet-smelling table. It was where you had to make scented pouches so you didn’t catch the Plague! When I approached the table, an exquisite smell hit me. It smelt like succulent peas of summer! I put in some lavender, yellow seeds and cinnamon powder.

After lunch, we were archaeologists and we dug up different things that were burnt in the fire. We also looked at a giant map to see how many churches in London had burnt down and we read letters from people who were in the fire. After that, it was time to go home. It was the greatest day ever!

Harry O’Hare 2L

On Monday 22nd January, the whole of Year Two went to a Great Fire of London workshop because that is our Topic for this half term.

In the morning, I made a clay bowl and I wanted the design I made to go on Christopher Wren’s coat buttons. It was fascinating and my mummy was doing this activity.

The second activity I did in the morning was sewing. I sewed an ‘H’ in Tudor writing. It was amazing and the adult said I had done very well.

In the afternoon we looked at a map of London then (in 1666) and saw how much of London had been burnt. It was about three quarters! Samuel Pepys’ house didn’t burn down though.

We also did some digging in trays of soil to try and work out whose house we were digging under. We looked at lots of letters that the owners of the house were sending.

I found the whole day extremely interesting! My favourite activity was the sewing because I enjoyed practising my sewing skills. I also learnt that lots of people thought the Germans had started the fire because England were at war with Germany then.

Zachary Patel 2S

In Topic, Year 2 are learning about The Great Fire of London. On Monday 22nd January, we came to school in costume and we went to Orchard Hall to meet our teacher for the day. She was called Fiona and she was also dressed up as someone from the time. We all pretended to be poor young boys from London and Sebastian was King Charles II.

There were lots of different activities like leather making, clay-pot making, candle making and some drama where we could go to the doctors. I loved it. We also made bags full of different smelling spices to keep The Plague away. In the afternoon, we did some digging for items that might have been burnt in the fire. I found a key. What a day, I said to myself when we went home!