French Day is a great way to ignite the boys’ passion and curiosity about the French language and culture. This year, it became part of our International Week.

The build up to it was as exciting as the day itself when we started learning the songs from the famous musical troup who came to visit and looking back at photos of last year’s French costumes!

The sun was with us all day, a lucky occurrence since the boys got to have a go at playing the traditional petanque (“les boules”) game. Prizes were won throughout the day for best costume, best French Day poster, etc.  

Croissants, pains au chocolat and brioche tasting were enthusiastically received. French based activities were run throughout the day in classrooms and teachers did their best at practising le Francais or “Franglais”! Pinot the Musical crew entertained the boys as well as taught them vocabulary such as the days of the week and numbers.

Joyeuses Paques! (“Happy Easter”!) to you and your family.


Madame Wilson.