On Friday 22nd March 2019, we celebrated Science Day with an explosive visit from Genie Lab!

We had a whole school assembly involving impressive chemical reactions, producing fire, bubbles, bangs and expanding marshmallows! Jack from Genie Lab was greeted with an extremely excitable audience and the boys clapped and cheered after every experiment.

We also had group workshops throughout the day in which we learnt about how reducing air pressure in a bell jar affected different objects. This led on to thinking about air resistance and flight so we experimented by making our own spinners and boomerangs.

Thank you so much to Friends of Squirrels for funding our Science Day, it really brought Science to life and has inspired many of the boys to become scientists.

 “I liked it when he made the bubbles. He cut them in half and they floated up to the roof. Then it started to rain – well it looked a bit like rain. It was only the bubbles melting.” Oliver, Oak class

“I liked it when he spilt the ink on his jacket and it disappeared.” Raphi, Pine class

“The marshmallows shrunk because the oxygen was taken out of the fat marshmallows. It looked so squidgy and small after. It was cool!” Rhys, Willow class

“I like the marshmallow experiment. It got really big very quickly and then went really small. We learnt lots of facts!” Andy, Maple class

“The assembly was awesome. The best bit was when he had bubbles on his hand and he set it on fire!” Tom, Birch class

Miss Cave