On Thursday 21st March 2019 we blasted into Space on a virtual reality adventure!

We were lucky enough to have a virtual reality headset each with a series of videos taking us exploring around Space. The first video began with a rocket launch, which was like riding on a rollercoaster! After that, we visited each planet in our Solar System and listened carefully to facts about them. After each visit to a planet, we were tested on the facts we had learnt. The boys were fantastic at answering the questions correctly, showing how enthusiastic they were about the workshop. A huge thank you to Friends of Squirrels who very kindly funded these Space workshops.

 “I didn’t know that Saturn had so many moons, I thought it only had 65 and now I know it has 150.” Dhru, Pine class

“I thought it was really exciting in the first video because I went shooting down a rollercoaster slide in different tunnels and after a few seconds I shot out into blank, dark Space.” Sheldon, Pine class

“It was so fun watching all the planets. I didn’t know Jupiter had a red spot.” Aryan, Pine class

“I thought it was really cool with the goggles and for the first one it was quite scary but then for the rest it was really exciting.” Robbie, Pine class

Miss Cave