On Thursday 7th March and Thursday 14th March, year two were visited by Dr Kerr and Dr Acharya who taught them all about hospitals and first aid. They showed pictures of the Accident and Emergency department at St George’s hospital and explained some of the procedures that happen in a busy, real-life A&E.

In the first session, the boys were given the opportunity to listen to their hearts with stethoscopes, they wore their own gloves and surgical masks to discuss germs and then they looked at each other’s tonsils and eye reflexes to light. They even had a look at the doctors and their teacher’s tonsils!

In the second session, Dr Kerr and Dr Acharya talked about accident prevention and basic first aid with a focus on burns, bleeding and bruises, finishing with when and how to make a 999 call. The boys identified potential dangers around the home and discussed how to treat them. Some special volunteers tried wrapping their partners arm in cling film to treat a burn and applying pressure to an arm to stop a bleed.

The sessions were both enjoyable and useful for the boys and special thanks must be given to Dr Kerr and Dr Acharya for their super training. I suspect we have some future doctors in year two!


Miss Hemmings