On Tuesday, it was a very exciting day because The Great Fire of London came to our school. Our workshop took place in Orchard Hall. All of year two came in and took part in many activities.

The first activities that I did in the morning were so amazing that they made my eyes glow with excitement. I learnt that some people think Dutch spies set the bakery alight and some thought it was the French! I made moulds for buttons. The moulds were made of clay so it was very hard. I also made wax candles. What I had to do was to dip my piece of string into liquid for a few seconds. The last thing I did in the morning was making words with quills. It was extremely hard. Then we had break.

Eventually, it was the afternoon and there were a lot of exciting activities. I did sewing with a Dutch lady. It was pretty hard but I managed it. I also did making uneatable bread. We made the dough out of flour and salt. Once it was made, we put seeds on top to decorate it. Finally, we put a huge map of London and we talked about the fire of London. Then, our teacher read us a story about a man who could have lived at that time.

Freddie, Chestnut Class

On Tuesday 22nd January 2019, we had an exciting Great fire of London workshop to learn lots about our topic subject. We had it in the strong, sturdy Orchard Hall where Year 2, parents and our teachers were.

First, I visited the helpful doctor (pretend doctor) and got a delicious medicine bag filled with cinnamon (it was REAL cinnamon). Next, I went to make a candle at the candle makers. It was really frustrating but worth it in the end. After that, we wrote with a quill and made ink. Several minutes after that, I made a brilliant button as small as an average button. Before lunch, was the icing on the cake, we hammered on leather making beautiful patterns. 

After lunch, we found ravenous rats (still pretend). Then, we did some amazing weaving and spectacular stitching. We learn lots about how the ferocious, flaming fire. Finally, we dug out amazing artefacts and worked out a candle maker lived in our box where the soil was.

I had a great time learning about how the fire spread and melted St Paul’s Cathedral roof. The was where everyone belongings got destroyed.

Aiden, Hawthorn Class

On Tuesday, Year 2 had a fantastic workshop all about the Great Fire of London. We all dresses as Londoners. We did this because it was our topic. It was run by a kind lady called Fiona in Orchard Hall.

There were lots of fun activities for us to do I made ink by crunching charcoal and adding water. I also made some delicious bread. My favourite was making a candle out of beeswax.

In the afternoon, we spilt into groups of six to take part in a quest. We carefully brushed to find some artefacts under the soil to find out which shop they belonged to. My group was from a metal maker. 

It was really fun and I want so much about the Great Fire of London, for instant it didn’t reach the Tower of London.

James, Birch Class