On Tuesday 5th March, Hawthorn class taught everyone about Pancake Day! As their class assembly fell on the tasty Tuesday, they decided to tell everyone all about the important day in the Christian calendar.

Hawthorn class explained the history of Shrove Tuesday and how it is celebrated all over the world. They even taught the whole school and their parents how to prepare the perfect pancakes!

A kitchen was set up in Orchard hall and the boys brought in ingredients from home. The audience were guided through the recipe step by step and the boys even recommended a range of tasty toppings that they could try. It certainly left many stomachs rumbling! A Pancake poem and three catchy songs were also sung so that the audience left the building knowing exactly how to prepare perfect pancakes that evening.

The boys were all superstars on stage. They delivered their lines confidently and sang their hearts out. The audience even laughed at all the jokes! All the boys dressed as chefs and their costumes looked amazing. A huge thanks must go to all the parents of Hawthorn Class for providing such amazing outfits and supporting the boys in learning their lines and songs.

All the boys in Hawthorn class thoroughly enjoyed the performance and made their parents, Miss Hemmings and Mrs Steel very proud. Many were rewarded with delicious pancakes at home that evening!

Miss Hemmings