French day that the boys really looked forward to finally arrived on Wednesday 12th February.

It was hardly possible to recognize the boys dressed up in the French flag colours or as a French person. We had a few Napoleons, a few French bakers, even a few baguettes made their way into the school. Berets and moustaches were a common commodity.

Pinot The Musical theatre company joined us for a fantastic sing in and dancing workshop. The months of the year and numbers were learnt by Reception boys.

We have learnt what odd food habits French people have, with eating frog legs and snails. Thankfully, we also realised that they save these delicacies for special occasions, and that regularly they eat food such as croissants, brioches and pains au chocolat. C’est delicieux!

Ask your son what “chouquettes” are – it is a type of “choux” pastry consisting of a small portion of dough sprinkled with pearl sugar, shape being similar to the profiterolles choux.

Year 2, the boys have studied the country and culture of France. They have compared and contrasted lifestyles in France to that of Britain and also developed a better understanding of how much of the English language stems from the French. For example, did you know that the origin of the word “biscuit” is French (“biscuit” in old French meaning twice baked…)?

Prizes were won for best outfit and the boule tournament run by Mr Morrison was a resounding success.

Croissants, pains au chocolat and chouquettes were definitely the highlight.


Madame Wilson.