Genie Lab:

WHIZZ, POP, BANG… What a start to our Science week we had on Tuesday 10th March! Genie Lab spent the whole day at WCPS spreading science cheer to very excitable boys. The day commenced with a whole school assembly involving jaw dropping experiments. There was fire, bubbles, foam, disappearing liquids, smoke and lasers! Jack, the scientist, was applauded after every experiment leaving the boys mesmerised and wanting to know how.

Following this, there were group workshops throughout the day with MORE experiments. The boys learnt about different polymers and got hands on making gooey slime. They also learnt about how reducing air pressure in a bell jar affected different objects. This led on to thinking about air resistance and flight, so we experimented by making our own spinners and boomerangs. Some designed their own rockets and competed against each other in a rocket launch competition.

We thank FoS for their generosity in making this explosive day possible!


On Wednesday 11th March we were lucky enough to visit the Wonderdome Planetarium. Each class entered the inflatable dome and were blasted off into space! Our presenter Steve took us on a tour of the different planets while sharing facts along the journey. He showed us videos too; it was just like a cinema! The boys were fantastic at sharing their facts and answering questions. They all landed safely back to Earth after travelling in the space shuttle. A huge thank you to Friends of Squirrels who very kindly funded the amazing experience. Here is some feedback of Willow Class’ journey to space.

“When the rocket took off it was so cool!” Johnathan, Willow Class

“I really enjoyed when they showed us the parts of the space rocket and how it blasts off into space” Jake, Willow Class

“It was fun going into the space shuttle back to Earth” Frederick, Willow Class

“I loved that it was in the dark-just like space!” Arlo, Willow Class

Miss Millar