Year 1 Exploration Society

Over the Spring Term, Year 1 boys have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in two Exploration Society sessions.  Surrounded by the nature, the Exploration Society provided a fun, creative and adventurous outdoor learning experience for the boys to deepen and develop their problem solving and teamwork skills.  The sessions also enhanced the boys communication, empathy and social skills and really inspired their exploration and curiosity of the world around them.    

We asked the boys what their favourite activity was and what they had learnt. We got the following answers:

Noah – ‘My favourite game was the ‘guessing game’ where we had to make it to the other side by jumping through squares.  We could only move from side to side or forwards and backwards!’

Freddy – ‘My favourite activity was when we had to get water from one bucket to another using just our hands!’

Eilan – ‘I enjoyed working together with my friends and making a pattern out of bamboo sticks!’

We were really disappointed not to be able to complete all 4 sessions of the Exploration Society this term due to unforeseen circumstances, however we really look forward to rescheduling these in the Summer Term.