On Wednesday 14th January 2020, Birch Class took to the stage in Orchard Hall to perform the first of the school’s class assemblies. They performed a brilliant assembly about one of their favourite topics, Dinosaurs. They did ROAR-somely!

They shared facts about a range of dinosaurs as well as famous palaeontologists, performed an acrostic poem they had written as a class and even shared some impressive fossils they had made in pairs.

The boys shone on stage and the highlight of the assembly had to be the wonderful performance of ‘Listen to the chorus of the Brontosaurs’. They sang beautifully and made their parents, WCPS and any other adults watching incredibly proud!

Huge thanks to the parents of Birch Class for providing the costumes and supporting the boys in learning their lines. I was a very proud teacher watching the boys perform; they were wonderful.

Mrs Cadle