On Wednesday 4th March, Hawthorn class wowed the whole school and their parents with a brilliant class assembly, all about World Book Day and Frozen Lands!

Hawthorn class explained what World Book Day is all about and how children can use their book tokens to get an amazing book for just £1. They also updated everyone on all the fun events that have taken place as part of Book Week at WCPS including mystery readers, competitions and visiting author, Karin Littlewood. The boys also did a catwalk in their costumes and performed a special poem with a World Book Day twist.

On Thursday 30th January, Year 2 took part in a Great Fire of London workshop. They did this to learn more about their topic.

We all arrived at school in costumes. We were dressed like people from 1666! To start the day we did an activity in class and then went to Orchard Hall. First, we met Fiona and she chatted to us about the Great Fire of London and the plague.

Next, we trotted off to the activities ran by the parents. I did the scent bag, smell makers (ran by my mum!), the doctors, the sewers, the button mould and the beeswax candles. After that we had lunch.

A little while later, we strolled back down. Next, we dug in the soil to find what place went where. My groups place was the metal makers. Finally, we looked at a big map and saw how far the fire spread.

It was a really interesting day. I learnt lots of things such as doctors chopped off arms. My favourite part was making stuff.


Bertie, Birch Class


On Thursday 30th January, Year two took part in a Great Fire of London workshop in Orchard Hall. Everyone was dressed as a Londoner from 1666. The lady who ran the workshop was called Fiona.

In the morning, we took part in all sorts of exhilarating activities. I did boot making where I used a hammer and a screw to make a pattern on a piece of cardboard and leather. I went to the doctors, did quill writing, weaving, bread making, sewing and scent bag making. All of these activities were extraordinarily brilliant. I put all of my astonishing objects in a paper bag and took it back to class. I then went out to play with my friends.

In the afternoon, we were split into groups and we dug up things from 1666 inside soil. Our box was from the candle maker.

Later on, we looked at a map of London in 1666. Also, we were told where the fire spread. Everyone learnt at least one fact about the Great Fire of London.

Overall, we had a fantastic day. I learnt that the fire got as hot as 1000 degrees.

Benjamin, Hawthorn Class


On Thursday 30th January, Year Two joined in a Great Fire of London workshop. Everybody dressed up, even the teachers. All of Year Two went to the workshop, it was in Orchard Hall.

First, I made a beeswax candle with Mrs Fardy. After that I made dough for bread. You could cook it and eat it at home. Next, I made a clay mould for Samuel Pepys buttons. After that, I made ink for a quill. I wrote a note. Sadly, I didn’t finish it. Then I went to the worst doctor I’ve ever been too. Eventually, I got to make a leather pattern and I made a nice smell with the smell maker.

In the afternoon, we looked at artefacts that had been in the ground. We decided where they came from. We also listened to a story about John and finally, we saw a huge map of London and where the fire burnt.

Sami, Chestnut Class