On Wednesday 4th March, Hawthorn class wowed the whole school and their parents with a brilliant class assembly, all about World Book Day and Frozen Lands!

Hawthorn class explained what World Book Day is all about and how children can use their book tokens to get an amazing book for just £1. They also updated everyone on all the fun events that have taken place as part of Book Week at WCPS including mystery readers, competitions and visiting author, Karin Littlewood. The boys also did a catwalk in their costumes and performed a special poem with a World Book Day twist.

As well as Book Week, the assembly also talked about Frozen Lands. Hawthorn class are worried about ice melting due to global warming so explored different ways we can help like recycling and not wasting energy.

At the end of the assembly, the boys treated the audience to a brand-new song. They changed the words to ‘Paperback Writer’ by The Beatles. Their new song was all about story writing. The audience loved it!

The boys were all superstars on stage. They delivered their lines confidently and sang their hearts out. The audience even laughed at all the jokes! All the boys dressed up in World Book Day costumes- these included penguins, dinosaurs and several wizards! A huge thanks must go to all the parents of Hawthorn Class for providing such amazing outfits and supporting the boys in learning their lines and songs.

All the boys in Hawthorn class thoroughly enjoyed the performance and made their parents, Miss Hemmings and Mrs Steel very proud. Well done Hawthorn boys!


Miss Hemmings